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Telstra adds 5G coverage to their network checker map

As the 5G rollout continues to march on network providers want you to know that their services is the fastest, covers more people, covers more area or has the most towers. It's going to...

Telstra is offering device trade in for account credit

Are you with Telstra? Do you have unused and unwanted relatively recent devices lying around? Can't be bothered to sell them yourself? Well, Telstra's recent program might be for you. Telstra has announced a partnership...

Telstra responds to claims from the competiton of faster speeds

When there's a changing marketplace with new offerings, it's common to see a war for supremacy. Yesterday we saw details from Optus about the speeds they'll be able to deliver to customers soon....

Telstra 5G update: swiss cheese coverage as blackspots filled one by one

As Telstra continues to roll out its 5G mobile network it's 5G coverage map for Australia's major cities and towns is starting to look more like a connected web of Swiss cheese with lots...

Telstra’s NBN offerings are set to get better with no extra cost to consumers

Telstra is one of several big players in the NBN field, but they also have their eyes set on being the player to beat. Earlier we saw the targeted approach to 5G home...

Telstra looking to take on the NBN with fixed wireless 5G home broadband product

Telstra is looking to launch its own 5G fixed-wireless home broadband product to directly compete against the federal government’s National Broadband Network company, NBN Co, at a time when it, along with its other...

Rumour: Telstra to sell the Google Pixel 4a

Every new phone release results in rumours before and after about the specs and availability at various retailers. It's the latter that we've received a tip on from an inside source suggesting that...

Telstra takes the eSIM process online

As mobile technology evolves it stands to reason that how we connect, not just our devices will change. Over time we've seen SIM cards reduce in size to mini-SIM, micro and now we're...

Telstra continue to attack conspiracy theories about 5G

We've already seen a couple of short videos from Telstra addressing some of the issues misinformation about 5G on social media. They started by taking on the conspiracy theory that 5G is propagating...

Telstra delivers another 5G information package… sort of

It's the world we live in these days, misinformation is rife about multiple subjects -- particularly COVID-19, 5G and any correlation between the two. Covering everything from plant life and bird deaths to health...

Telstra takes aim at COVIDiots with a satirical YouTube video

There are some wild and factually flawed conspiracy theories around the Internet regarding COVID-19 and how 5G is propagating the virus.  To that I say bollocks... it's not possible! It seems Telstra has decided...

Is your Telstra NBN Down? Here’s how to get yourself back online quickly

If you're a Telstra broadband customer and not getting any data this morning, you're not alone. Their investigations into the issue have found that their DNS servers are experiencing a cyber attack. https://twitter.com/Telstra/status/1289739030397980672 What this means...

Telstra is now offering a new device program for those who frequently upgrade or...

You have to hand it to Telstra, they do love throwing new things at the wall to see if they will stick. This week they have added a new device program to their offerings,...

Stuck in the Victorian COVID-19 second iso? Telstra has some stuff for you

With our Victorian friends entering the second period of lock down to stem the spread of COVID-19 in the greater Melbourne area Telstra has come forward again to try and provide some digital relief....

Now you can Binge on Binge for up to 12 months for free

It seems Telstra really wants people to try out Binge, the company's new streaming media service, and to drive adoption they are offering 3 months free access to Telstra post paid mobile customers. If...

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