The mobile boost and internet boost plans are a good idea, just using a competitor’s brand name; perhaps not Optus’ best marketing ploy. It really shouldn’t be a surprise that when Optus launched a product, using the “Boost” brand, Boost Mobile was quick to respond.

In a statement issued to the media a short time ago, Boost Founder Peter Adderton said:

Earlier this week, Optus launched products under the BOOST brand which Boost Mobile considers must be a deliberate attempt to trade off our valuable BOOST brand and success.

That success was noted as part of Telstra’s earnings call at the start of February. In the call, it was confirmed that Boost accounted for a significant portion of Telstra’s pre-paid growth, something Adderton noted on his social media:

Adderton is not known for holding back on his opinions and when it comes to a decision about branding this product, he was true to form:

Just when I didn’t think Optus could embarrass themselves any further, they once again surprise us all.

The matter is clearly pretty serious in the minds of the team at Boost, as the company has issued Optus with correspondence to cease the use of the Boost name. If this does not receive a response by 5 pm, Boost will commence legal action against Optus.

While we’d love to know more, Boost will not be issuing further comments right now. So stay tuned; we’ll do our best to stay on top of the events.

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He’ll go after Woolworths Everyday Rewards next, they tell you to ‘boost’ your points. Then they’ll have to go after everyone with ‘Mobile’ in their name.

Honestly I would go with Boost except for the fact Adderton is a twit. His random Facebook rants and his whinging about Supercars not letting him in, I couldn’t forgive myself if I had a Boost SIM in my phone.

Old Mate

The team at Boost Mobile should just chill and keep sipping their Boost juices – triggered little snowflakes.


I’m sure all of Optus’s over-priced lawyers would’ve sat down and mulled over the use of the word “Boost” before launching the new products.
They could’ve just settled for the standard word of “PRO” as nothing is as good unless it has a “PRO” at the end of the name. These late night spam ads can’t be wrong 🙂


Phil, found a typo
something Addertong noted on his social media
should be Adderton

ahmad kishani

so Phil on the ABN looker

the company name is Boost telecom not Boost mobile

for ABN Current details for ABN 19 092 384 417

its saying the name is BOOST TEL PTY LIMITED

means not boost mobile !

ahmad kishani

They ignored ”boost mobile” name and called the company ”boost telecom”

this is funny as hahahaha

ahmad kishani

from EFTM : Optus spokesperson said:

  • We have received a letter raising concerns on behalf of Boost Telecom
  • Optus is considering this, but does not consider that any customer could confuse Boost Telecom with Optus

Let’s see how this plays out.