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PSA: Vivid Wireless users who mave migrated to Optus 4G Home Wireless Broadband may be experiencing service issues.

For many, Vivid Wireless was the only viable option to get internet. With the much-delayed and generally disappointing NBN roll out, many Australians are still waiting for decent internet at home. For some, Vivid Wireless offered the only wireless unlimited data solution in Australia. Earlier this year Optus migrated all …

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Officeworks has launched its own MVNO and NBN Network with Accord Connect

Officeworks has launched its own MVNO, called Accord Mobile with Officeworks, and is offering some pretty great prepaid mobile and data plans. Accord Mobile with Officeworks – which has now begun rolling out through your local Officeworks store and online through its own dedicated website – is offering a month-by-month …

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