When Optus launched a service called Mobile Boost a couple of weeks ago, Boost Mobile wasn’t happy about it. Very quickly, Boost issued correspondence to Optus to cease using the Boost name.

Today, an injunction was granted to Boost Mobile, preventing Optus from using the Boost name or associating it with any of its products.

The founder of Boost Mobile, Peter Adderton, issued a statement to the media:

We appreciate the judge respecting the urgency of this issue, forcing Optus to stop using our trademarked brand immediately, and appreciating how important our Brand is to Boost and our customers. I hope Optus is realising that this is not a fight worth fighting such that they agree to move on and find a new word to describe its products.

There will undoubtedly be more to come as injunctions are temporary orders. Stay tuned for more as the information comes through in the coming weeks.

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A foreign company (Optus) trying to undermine Australian companies!


How short your memory is.
Boost Mobile is a USAian mob.
They came to AU in 2000, and were originally on Optus, but moved to Telstra in 2012.