The Optus network outage over a week ago has certainly ensured Optus has suffered another blow to its already tattered reputation and its MVNO partners who use the Optus network for their service are offering some additional data as a way of an apology.

Coles Mobile and Catch Connect Mobile, which both use the Optus network and are somewhat partnered up with Optus as part of their customer service provider, have begun informing customers via text message, email and their website respectfully that they will be offering bonuls data. However there are terms and conditions attached to the offerings.

So what are the catches, let’s have a look shall we.

Coles Mobile

Coles mobile which utilises the Optus network and customer service has stated it will be providing all active Prepaid customers 25GB of bonus data to use in Australia within your current recharge.

For those customers whose recharge has expired, will be offered the additional 25GB data on their next recharge.

The bonus data will be available by 24 November 2023 and customers will be notified once the data has been applied to their current active plan. If you haven’t used up the bonus data by the time you reach expiry, it will roll over if you recharge before expiry or have an active AutoRecharge (data rollover limit of 50GB applies).

However, the additional data does not apply to Coles Month to Month plans, with Coles mobile stating they are looking to provide another offering for these customers.

You can read the frequently asked questions about the offer from Coles mobile here.

Catch Connect Mobile

Like Coles Mobile, Catch Connect utilises the Optus network and also suffered with the major network outage.

Catch Connect have stated on its website that they are offering all active customers 50GB of bonus data to use in Australia, so you can connect more during the upcoming summer.

For customers who have 30 days or more remaining on their current plan, the 50GB bonus data will be applied automatically and they don’t need to do anything except enjoy the data for the rest of their recharge.

For customers with less than 30 days remaining on their plan to use their bonus data, Catch Connect will apply 25GB to use on their current recharge and another 25GB on their next recharge.

For customers who don’t have an active plan, they’ll receive 50GB bonus data on their next recharge.

Catch connect has stated the additional data will become available from 24 November 2023 and customers will be notified once the data has been applied to their account.

You can read more via the Catch Connect frequently asked questions on their website here.