All three of the major carriers, Telstra, Vodafone and Optus have shared the honours in Open Signal’s latest report. The categories cover overall experience, 5G experience, coverage and consistency. The data is based on user experience from Open Signal’s own app, ensuring a level of independence to the report.

Optus took out five outright awards with Video experience, Games experience and voice app experience (under the overall experience banner) as well as the outright download speeds on 5G win and availability. Vodafone took out the upload speed crown with several nods on the 5G space, including 5G game experience, 5G voice app experience and 5G availability.

Unsurprisingly, Telstra has scooped up the rest of the recognition for consumer experience delivery with 6 outright category wins and a shared award with Optus. The outright include overall download speed (versus the peak speed on 5G Optus took), 5G upload, 5G reach, 4G coverage and both — excellent and core — consistency top spots.

As a consumer, I find this sort of data very welcome, given the independence of its source and extremely helpful in recommending carriers based on user needs.

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telstra is the fastest network , whatever I go in ACT I get over 1000mbps

with Vodafone barely see 250 to 300

with optus iv seen 500 to 700 max

optus coverage map is more transparent and is showing you the 5G mmwave areas on small pink color