It’s really easy when you’re on the move to burn through a lot of data quickly. amaysim has taken this problem on with some summer specials that will help you get through the holidays.

If you’re a low data user, then you can get a new 4GB per month plan for just $7 on your first renewal ($15 ongoing thereafter) or 70GB for just $10, then $30 ongoing after your first renewal. If you’re like me, and have periods where you’re using a lot of mobile data, then some with barely any, the data banking will come in handy.

Other available bundles include:

  • $20 for 8GB per month
  • $40 for 80GB per month
  • $50 for 120GB per month

amaysim runs on the Optus 4G network with coverage varying between locations, so as always, check the coverage map before changing providers.