Around 10pm last night, Telstra customers suffered a brief outage, with the issue seemingly unresolved (or reoccurring) this morning. The outage has left many customers without calling capabilities.

Telstra is aware of, has acknowledged and is scrambling to resolve the issue before the work day commences.

Looking at Downdetector, it appears that the issues — although not isolated to — are predominantly through the eastern states.

One particularly important note from Telstra is that within coverage areas, calls to 000 will still work. The other, in a subsequent tweet, is that calls via voice over Wi-Fi and calls through data-driven apps like WhatsApp, Messenger, and Facetime remain unaffected.

We hope to hear from Telstra regarding the cause of the outage and preventative measures for the future later today.

At least some of our guys and folks we know on Telstra are seeing their services working as of around 9.30am this morning.. but we’re still seeing reports on social media and elsewhere of various parts of the Telstra network not working properly.