If you’ve got kids who are ramping up for Christmas, here’s a bit of fun for them. Head to your nearest Telstra Payphone, and they can make a free call to Santa.

It’s really simple — provided you have a payphone near you — to make the call:

Aussie kids can call Santa’s Workshop from any Telstra payphone by dialling # HO HO HO, which is # 46 46 46 on the keypad. We’ll put them in direct contact with Santa’s switchboard – and then they can press 1 for Santa, 2 for Mrs Claus, or 3 for Santa’s friendly Elf.

Perhaps more important than making the call itself is the fact that for every call made, Telstra is donating $1 to the Salvation Army. This will help raise vital funds to support families doing it tough this time of year. It’s a simple equation: A few minutes of your time while putting a smile on your kid’s face can help other people who need it.