We checked in with Boost Mobile to find out if they will have eSIM functionality soon and the news is not great. A spokesperson told us that:

“Boost doesn’t currently have eSIM capability yet. However we are working on it as we know its something our customers are interested in.”

“The team at Boost Mobile have spoken passionately about the importance and benefits of eSIMs and are actively working to add this into our product portfolio.”

For those who are unaware of what an eSIM is, here’s a description from Boost Mobile’s mobile carrier partner Telstra:

“eSIM (embedded SIM) is a SIM that’s built into compatible mobile phones, tablets, wearables and other technology. It allows you to have multiple phone numbers connected to the same device using a digital eSIM profile”.

Basically an eSIM is digital so if you use one you skip the time, inconvenience and carbon emissions of having to buy a plastic SIM in a packet and having it couriered to your home.

Since Boost founder Peter Adderton expressed his keenness early in 2022 about offering eSIM’s to Boost Mobile Australia customers, our guess is that the delay is being caused by their mobile carrier partner Telstra.

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International roaming is another years-late yet to be fulfilled


Rubbish, Woolworth already has eSim, no excuse for Boost, just lazy


Woolworths mobile which uses telstra already issues esim…. Not sure what is stopping telstra

Phil Tann

Boost are on the full retail network, so there may be some contract negotiations going on that the public isn’t privy to.