If you’ve just picked up a new Pixel device, the odds are you’re going to want protection. One of the many options available to achieve this is ZAGG, they offer cases and screen protectors across the Pixel range. Their range also covers a huge range of phones, charging options and cases.

ZAGG has a number of slick options to protect your phone and give it a bit of polish to an already impressive look.

Havana (AU$39.95)

The Havana is made from D30+ bio material offering excellent drop protection from up to 3 meters. This is particularly effective at protecting the vulnerable areas of your device such as the corners.

Crystal Palace (AU$49.95)

The Crystal Palace case looks similar to a generic TPU case, but with a difference. Like the Havana above, it’s made from D3O→ Crystalex offering drop protection of up to 4 meters, to keep your phone looking new for the life of the device.

Milan (AU$69.95)

Another case from ZAGG is intended to add a little extra style to your phone. Its D30 Crystalex gives up to 4 Meters of drop protection with a surface that won’t yellow or age, detracting from your device’s looks.

Denali (AU$69.95)

The Denali is a case more suited to those on the move a lot. The textured finish and no-slip surface mean that even when you’re on the run, you’re not going to have increased risks of dropping your phone. Even if you do, the D30 material offers up to 5 meters of drop protection to your device.

Consumers can find the ZAGG Gear4 products above at the usual retailers including JB HI-FI, Harvey Norman, Bing Lee, The Good Guys and Officeworks.

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Are these actually in stock anywhere? Really want a Crystal Palace fory P7