We all get a lot of spam calls, texts and emails so it’s easy to overlook the work happening to protect us. Telstra has this morning released figures showing that they’re blocking over 7,600 emails every minute.

That in itself is an impressive figure, but when you add the 61 million scam SMS each month and between 10 – 15 million scan calls, a picture of the size of the operation comes into focus.

As the community becomes more aware of scams, we need to get smarter to avoid the evolving landscape. There are some fantastic resources out there to protect you online, as well as some very entertaining YouTube channels that both educate viewers and target scammers.

While it would be great to not have to deal with these issues, they’re here and, for now, here to stay. The best defence for you and your family is education on the scams, and tactics used and to simply not engage.

Stay safe online everyone.

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We are being flooded with spam calls and texts. Already today, I’ve had 6 spam texts, and 5 spam robocalls. All spoofed Australian numbers. Telstra needs to get better at stopping that scum, if it wants to crow about ‘Protecting Australians from spam’.


Yeah Phil. Both my Samsung S6 Lite 4G tablet, and Moto G51 5G phone are on Telstra. Since getting my first Android tablet, back in Sept 2011, they’ve always been on Telstra. I always use tablets that have full phone capability. When I moved to my new ground floor flat in May, the Optus signal strength here was, and still is, basically 0 bars out of 5 on 4G, all day every day. Telstra is able to manage 1 bar out of 5 on 4G, so the phone got moved to Telstra, just so I could get some signal. For… Read more »

John Phillips

Tel$tra are nuts when it comes to Spam. They blacklist from time to time some Google IP addresses.

Fair enough, but Google are right on top of this and have much better anti-spam controls than Tel$tra ever will.

Google claim to block more than >100 million spam emails daily.