Ausdroid attended a Sydney event yesterday where electric car company Polestar showcased their roadster concept car and sustainability goals.

The slick concept car will be the inspiration upon which the future 2026 model Polestar 6 will be based.

As you would expect from a car expected to retail in Australia for about $350,000 including luxury car tax, the targeted performance is far beyond a normal vehicle eg 3.2 sec to get from 0-100 km/hr, 600+ km range (WLTP), dual electric motors and a 800-Volt architecture that will enable super fast charging.

Polestar is aiming to be sustainable and reduce their emissions in several ways.

The first way is the aspirational Polestar 0 project which aims to create a truly climate-neutral electric car by 2030, without relying on low-carbon solutions or offsetting.

The second way is aiming to halve their carbon intensity by 2030 by doing things like shifting to renewable energy in all supply chains and phasing out the use of materials that do not have the potential to have a fully decarbonised supply chain in favour of materials that do, while also improving resource efficiency and circularity.

The third way is to become a climate-neutral company by 2040. By 2040 Polestar’s goal is for all cars that roll out of their factories to be climate neutral.