Update: September launch, not October.

We’ve kind of known for a while now that the Galaxy S was set to launch on Telstra from the 21st of September, but now it’s been officially confirmed by Telstra. No word on the pricing, but we’ve also got some inside info on that.

With all that info in mind, is anyone still counting down the days until the Telstra Galaxy S launch??

Source: Telstra Exchange.
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Well to day is the 21st of September and there’s nothing on telstra.com about the Galaxy S. What’s going on?


Unless they have exclusivity on it, like the Desire launch (good promotion there). BTW loved the twitter comment.


After seeing the expected pricing from T, I dropped the hammer on a Vodafone Galaxy S for 12 mths a couple of days ago. If T come out with sensible pricing I’ll kick myself, but VHA had them in-store, and I have the distinct feeling that T will be too little, too late.


I’ll be getting the phone, but most likely from 3 due to the price plans rumoured. Shame as I have been with Telstra since One Tel sunk all those years ago.


Haha.. “counting the days until Telstra launch” their overpriced, locked-crapware-loaded version of the phone that has been available for over a month from other better value sellers ? I think not. and to the commenter who “cannot get excited” about “a device that does not have premium hardware” ?? I suggest you let go of that other thing you have obviously been getting excited from holding in your hand way too much and try actually using this phone.. The screen image, touch screen, software functions, storage capacity, processor power, battery life and lack of “you’re not allowed to do that”… Read more »


I totally agree! I also just purchased a galaxy and so far its the best phone I’ve owned. my girlfriend has the iphone 4 and I came from using the 3gs. iphone4 is already chipped after a minor drop…

I my opinion, the lighter the better!
Just because a phone is light, doesnt make it a poor quality phone…


I have a Galaxy S and I don’t know why everyone persists in bagging the use of shiny plastics.. It enables the phone to be thin, light and doesn’t introduce reception issues.. Yes, soft touch would be nice, but so be it..


I simply cannot get excited about a device that does not have premium hardware.
This phone SHOULD rival the likes of Apple and HTC to hold in the hand.


“is anyone still counting down the days until the Telstra Galaxy S launch??”

I am – at least till official pricing is released, after which I expect based on the rumors posted here that I’ll immediately lose interest.