Vodafone have confirmed that they will be the exclusive carrier of the HTC Desire HD, the epic device that was announced tonight in London.

Following HTCโ€™s global announcement in London, VHA announces today that the HTC Desire HD will launch exclusively through Vodafone and 3. Pricing and availability will be announced closer to the launch date.

Some of the specs just to get your geeky juices flowing:

  • 4.3″ (800×480) Capacitive TFT Display
  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • Android 2.2 w/ Sense + HTCSense.com Enhancements
  • 768MB RAM / 1.5GB Internal Memory
  • 8MP Camera w/ AF & Dual LED Flash
  • 720p Video Recording
  • HSPA+ 3G (14.4Mbit Down / 5.76Mbit Up)
  • WiFi b/g/n
  • DLNA (No HDMI out)
  • Dolby Mobile & SRS Virtual Surround Sound
Source: Vodafone.
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Those who are buying it outright need to know that HTC Desire HD doesn’t support 850Mhz band = no Telstra NextG network.


i’m getting this one from mobicity ๐Ÿ™‚

My optus plan won’t finish till feb 2011, and by then, a new hotter phone would be out, and will get that one on a plan (something like a 1Gb memory with 1.5 dual core, 4”+ screen, physical keyboard… I’m allowed to dream).


Would be nice if Crazy Johns (on the Voda network) gets it ๐Ÿ™‚


I have a person on the inside and if all goes to plan it should be in stores before the third month of October.


inside telstra or optus?


yes but they are in the business of making a profit and if they see a product selling well they are always going to try and get in on it… whether they have had bad experiences in the past or not.

Kavierer Loopjers

I sent an irate email to Virgin Mobile / Optus. I cursed them for letting Vodafone and Telstra snapping up all the HTC exclusives.

I got the usual spiel that they are always reviewing their products. I dont want no iphone clone (no offence to Samsung Galaxy S users).

I’d like to stay with them so I may decide to opt for Vodafone depending on the pricing of the Desire HD.


glad to hear i’m not the only one constantly annoying them


Is it true that the Desire HD screen is like the evo , not S- LCD?

The desire Z looks much more vivid It probably has the S – LCD?


The more I think on it, the more disappointed I am with the screen selection for this phone… Yes, I know there are supply issues with the S-AMOLEDs etc, but it just seems like such a step backwards and is causing me serious reservations over my initial enthusiasm above.

I think I will have to wait for some reviews before I finally decide.

PS Loving my new av, Buzz! Cheers!!


is this mobicity selling the HD for real???



where are they getting their price from….. i thought the price hadn’t been released yet?


What’s wrong with the iPhone?

You don’t have to hate it just because you like Android. :p


I found out about this just tonight, and tomorrow i was going to go in and get the Galaxy S. I am so glad i didn’t now. This phone looks much better, probably wont have such an issue with lag, HTC will get their upgrades correct so we wont have to stuff around trying not to brick our phones. Lovely phone, even though that screen is a let down compared to Super-AMOLED i am content with the extra ram and the newer GPU. Plus i have always liked HTC even though i was tricked into getting an iPhone -> Worst… Read more ยป


Apparently the GPU still isn’t as powerful as the SGS’s SGX540. Obviously triangles aren’t the complete story, but the SGS can do 90 million triangles per second while the Desire HD’s new GPU can do 44 million… Same with the CPU, the SGS’s Hummingbird outdoes the Snapdragon (yes, the Scorpian is still the regular Desire’s CPU rebranded). The SGS will probably still be the gaming droid of choice (except for keyboard) for a while. I would like that added RAM and HTC’s amazing build quality though. I loved my HTC Hero, didn’t ever need a case or get a scratch.… Read more ยป


Thanks for the info Niall.

I was wondering if the technology in the CPU between the Desire and it’s Z cousin was different but I guess it doesn’t matter too much now as the amount of MHz a chip can generate as you point out is not everything.

When I get back to Aussie land later this year, I might go for the standard Desire which should be available on other carriers other than Illstra by then.


Well my reference to Netburst (Pentium 4) doesn’t really mean anything here but I was just reminding you how bonkers things were on the computer cpu front in 2005.

Even at 800MHz, the Desire Z will still be speedy. ๐Ÿ™‚


@ Vodafone…quit stallin’ and just tell us how much it’s gonna be already, so I can start saving!!!


Current Desire owner.

Meh… over a keyboard (Desire Z). With items like Swype and my personal favourite SlideIT I don’t see the next for a dedicated keyboard.

I do like the Desire HD, with bigger internal RAM/ROM.

The increased camera and dual LED is also nice.


Yeah quite a few of us are putting some money aside for the Desire HD. :p


I think having a keyboard could be really handy for gaming. Especially if you wanna play oldschool snes games.


even the desire z with its 800mhz CPU is apparently faster than the current desire


Is that the case?

Obliviously the numbers are not everything but if I was an average Joe customer looking for a decent phone and saw that the Desire Z has only have 800mhz and the current model has 1 ghz, I would go for the latter.

If I was HTC, I would have left the 1 ghz CPU in the Desire Z to make it sound more attractive to the customers who are not that technically mind which I assume is the majority of them.


i think if your technically minded enough to care about CPU specs you would probably know that a newer 800Mhz CPU can be better than an older 1Ghz model.


I’ll take you back to the Netburst days. I gave customers a nice double sided A4 info sheet explaining why more MHz doesn’t mean the cpu is more productive. Qualcomm have not publicly stated how Scorpion differs from A8 so no one can really know what the hell is going on. A die shrink CANNOT give a speed increase at the same clock. We are not the Greek government who can pull figures out of no where like a magic trick. Normally we can run a cpu faster at the same voltage for a performance boost. Thus, Qualcomm must be… Read more ยป


Error in Specs

its not a Snapdragon processor…its a 1Ghz Scorpion Processor with the Adreno 205 Gpu

its a large improvement on Snapdragon and Adreno 200

looking like a very nice phone tho



According to pdadb.net the processor in both the Desire and the Desire HD are the same :\

Sources: http://pdadb.net/index.php?m=specs&id=2514&c=t-mobile_mytouch_hd__desire_hd_htc_ace



Dude, while technically correct, it’s clear that it has a 1GHz Scorpion core as nothing else in the Snapdragon SoC is clocked at 1GHz. Remember that we are dealing with the mass market here.


Also wanted to make sure you realise Snapdraon is the family name for current gen Qualcomm SoCs. At the heart of every Snapdraon SoC is a Scorpion core. Thus, we aren’t getting any new core architecture but we do have a faster gpu as you pointed out and the whole SoC is on a 45nm build.


hdmi was the biggest selling point for me to upgrade from my desire :(, the display is also disappointing (same resolution as my 3.7″ and tft)


I’m not really sure why you’re disappointed. This isn’t the Desire 2. The reasons for using the Super-LCD are pretty obvious and we all know the resolution issues with Android at present. It’s the Euro Evo so you shouldn’t have expected specs too different to the Evo :p.

Hunter S Thompson

Screw voda, mobicity/ebay here I come




No HDMI on a HD device is a bit of a bummer.

Also am I correct in believing that (like the desire) there is no front facing camera?


Correct that there is no front facing camera.

The lack of HDMI is because it supports DLNA streaming. HTC are selling a DLNA->HDMI receiver for those with TV’s that dont support DLNA.


@ Ragflan fair enuf, is the other half gig for personal data, downloads, media, temp files, cache etc?


@Techhead, Desire HD has 1GB for apps. I have over 190 apps installed and I only used 320mb. 1GB is PLENTY even if you don’t move a few apps to SD card. Most games download additional stuff on SD card so this is really not a problem.


My next phone. I’ll see what Vodafone offer (I hate to leave Virgin Mobile as my wife’s Vodafone reception has gone to the dogs since they decided to merge their Vodafone and 3 brands together).

Otherwise outright purchase here I come.


Is there any Approximate idea’s on the launch date in Oz?


@Techhead – “Most apps dont support being saved to ext sd”

This is true because most of the apps on the market would have been developed before Froyo came out and havent been updated yet. However most of the common apps have been updated to support app2SD and most new apps coming out support it also. So unless you are running old apps a lot then you wont notice this as an issue.


…although if an App runs a Service or provides Notifications then installing it on SD will cripple its functionality (i.e. it doesn’t make sense for all apps to allow app2sd).


Did they give any indication of when they plan to start selling this phone?


According to this article http://m.pocket-lint.com/news/news.phtml/35611?utm_source=twitterfeed&utm_medium=twitter most apps don’t support being saved to ext sd (see the storage section of the article). If you’re considering the Desire HD and plan to install lots of apps, I’d be looking into this a little more if I were you ๐Ÿ˜‰


with the Legend on $49 i can’t see this coming in at the same price…


I’m talking about the internal sd card. It’s nand flash and it shouldn’t be expensive. I doubt htc would have to pay more than $20 – $30 for an 8GB flash chip as it would be a massive bulk purchase.


Bit disappointed that current desire owners are left out in the cold in regards to the sense update. I wonder if they realise that people won’t buy your high end stuff after awhile if you don’t support it for at least 12 months.


Nice, i’m pretty sure memory is one of the most expensive components in a phone therefore the lack of memory is a cost saving measure.

The battery size is a bit disappointing for me 1230mAh with a 4.3″ display and 1Ghz processor just isn’t enough ๐Ÿ™


Very sexy silicon! Looks like it’s pretty much an EVO 3G. Liking the solid construction and the led flash compared to my SGS. HTC phones are just really tight. But why, oh why, do they always skimp on storage?

HTC’s best phones are awesome until the internal storage fills up with apps, personal info, media, etc and then your stuck! Liking the increased ram too, although I think 2.2 can only support up to 512 MB? Future proofing for 3.0 maybe?


Well most of us have multiple micro sd cards so it’s not a big issue to me. With 2.2, you can just install whatever on your sd card and be done with. You can also have a bit of an easier time trying to recover your device as you can flash directly from the sd card… not the same for our SGS (but we have download mode & Odin so meh).


Just when I thought my upgrade options with Voda were clear with the galaxy s. Looks like I might be waiting a little longer…


That 1.5GB Internal Memory is a bit of an eyesore on an otherwise impressive sounding device.


1.5gb is for the rom(os) smeg head . Caps out


Any word on how long Voda will keep exclusivity for? 6 months?


Can’t answer the question directly, but should still be able to buy outright and run on whatever carrier, yeah?? I bought my Desire outright and have it on LiveConnected… Really hoping the same applies.


I can see me just going out and buying this thing, regardless of price. You know, I was happy in my pre-Android ignorance…now I am just a hopeless addict looking for a bigger fix! Damn you Android!!


I hear ya. I’m loving my SGS but… yeah… do want ๐Ÿ˜€


damnit i was so hoping Optus/Virgin would get this… fingers crossed they will get the desire Z, i would prefer a keyboard over a bigger screen anyway!


Very impressive. What plans do you think they’ll be put on? Cause i would get the desire z if it was put on a $49 plan.