So if the HTC Desire HD hasn’t tickled your fancy, and you’re not waiting to fork out to get the Telstra Galaxy S then you’ll be happy to know the Galaxy S hit most VHA stores today and they’re ready to head to a new home.

If you’re unsure of the Galaxy S, feel free to read our review.

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Getting my from Crazy John’s $49 plan with $0 upfront. Pretty good deal compared to VHS’ $59.

By the way, any guys can recommend the best type of case for this phone? Should I get silicon, hard plastic cover, or one of those protective skins (e.g. Zagg invisible shield or Skinomi)? What did you guys get?


Nope, picked up the S yesterday. Very happy with it after all the waiting.


As if I’d wait for Desire HD after all the bs and waiting for the galaxy. It wasn’t the wait so much as the lack of any communication from VHA around it.

Now that the galaxy is finally here I will be happy to put an end to this saga.


But the Galaxy SS just got leaked!!! You have to wait for that.



Niall, care to share a link?


Got my SGS earlier today – is running very smoothly so far. Has JH1 on it, which is later than my mate’s recently updated Optus phone. I really hope that 3 release their 2.2 update around the same time as Optus in a week, that would just things all the sweeter.


Congrats on your new phone! I believe Optus won’t be releasing 2.2 until next month. FroYo isn’t out yet… and it’s not looking very promising at the moment (see xda -> JPH)


Samsung Galaxy S is available on Virgin Mobile for $39 cap ($0 upfront, 24 Month contract). I’m looking forward for cheaper device within $29 cap. I don’t like SE Xperia X10 as most of the carriers charging top dollars for a phone without multi touch and older android and still no update in sight (Although SE blog promised update within Sept-Oct 2010)


There isn’t much at the moment is there. You could always go with the X10 on the $29 Optus cap. I think multi touch is a bit over rated.


The worst part is I’ve to stick to VHS as my spouse and most of the friends I call using VHS.. 🙁 …(DAMN you cheap iphone 4 plan..)


Can you buy one of these phones to work on the Telstra network? I really want to buy the phone outright to work on the Telstra network but just not buy it from Telstra as they’re a rip-off!


At this point in time, you cannot buy a SGS to work on NextG (850MHz). You could purchase a Samsung Captivate which will work on NextG. It doesn’t look like an iclone which could be a pro to you. I myself don’t mind the iPhoney design :p.


Do the SGSs bought from VHA get the 3-button-mode (recovery/download mode) enabled? Can you actually buy it outright from VHA?


I’d imagine most of them would have a working download/recovery mode. Samsung Canada just released a fix today.


Guys at Chapel St store are really helpful and I know they have at least 7 there when I went in today 🙂 Go nuts, guys!


Forgot to say that I pre-ordered but haven’t received my phone yet. Anyone got theirs?


I pre-ordered mine on the first day and got mine this morning


I pre-ordered mine too on the first day. It was waiting for me when i got home from work:)