Telstra have today indeed launched the Samsung Galaxy S i9000T, in what seemed to be a massive anti-launch with no announcement coming from Telstra at all today. With all that aside, you can step into most [T]Life Stores to try one out, or hit up Telstra’s online store and order one now. The pricing is exactly as we were told by our source, being $960 outright:

  • $0 upfront on $129 NextG Cap
  • $0 upfront on $99 NextG Cap
  • $0 upfront on $100 Phone Plan
  • $0 upfront on $80 Phone Plan
  • $20/m on $49 NextG Cap
  • $960 outright

The Galaxy S is also available on cheaper Business Caps, but isn’t yet available on the Telstra Business website.

Source: Telstra Online Store.
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Wow @ the pricing, Telstra at its gouging finest.

I got my Galaxy S from Optus on the $49 Social Cap, unlocked, for $549. Add to that the Samsung $50 cash back, means I got my phone for a cool $499 for a 16GB model

Is the Telstra model worth $450 for 850Mhz ?, not to mention HALF the regular storage on the phone.

I thought the new CEO said he wanted Telstra to be COMPETITIVE ?

Cheat Hacker

Is this Telstra version of Galaxy S Gold plated or something ?


May as well be! at this rate a Vertu phone sounds more reasonably priced 😛


absolutely pathetic..

its nearly like their HTC exclusivity deal includes “not allowed to advertise the launch of galaxy S in any way”

if u look on

the most official announcement is this:
“Hi Ben, we started selling Galaxy S as of this morning. Pricing and availability is now online here

why even bother wasting everyones time in releasing such unrealistic pricing.. why bother releasing at all?


CORRECTION! I was going past a Tshop so I wandered in for squiz. When I looked on the back of the handset they had the Telstra symbol but NO CAMERA FLASH! That’s right, no flash folks 🙁 Unless it was under the post thing that they stick to the back of the phones in the middle, but I doubt it.


3/Vodafone have the GalaxyS available on the $69 Cap (which includes 2GB). The phone is free plus you only have to pay $59 a month for the whole contract. Got mine yesterday and its pretty nice.


Telstra quote the phone as having a LED flash and a slide out keyboard? Can the be correct?


Unless it’s the Epic 4G, which is in any way you may see it, impossible! then that add is a complete and utter lie.

The i9000 (world edition) was never brought out with a slide out qwerty and LED Flash, only Sprint’s version, as above named the Epic 4G had those specs as part of their exclusive model, otherwise, the only other model with either of these features is Verizon’s Fascinate (LED Flash).

False advertisement and overpriced…. no thanks!

It’s a pity there are dedicated Telstra customers that fall for this trap blindly, poor souls.


Oh, and it’s the model with 8GB internal storage, not the 16GB model that everyone else is doing for about half the money. Hmm, and to think I had hoped Telstra were learning something this year. Pure arrogance! On the bright side, we can now take close range pictures at night – compelling!


The $99 Cap has a gigantic 500 MB data allowance – what the ….; don’t they want people to use the internet?




LOL @ tel$tra, you can pull me for my ega cap under the waist ^_^ what a rip off!


Flash! But that’s not worth the extra $20 a month versus competing plans…


With such outrageous pricing from Telstra I encourage people to import a Samsung Captivate from the US. Easily unlocked from AT&T, only $600 outright and delivered.