Now that the Galaxy S is available on all the major networks, we thought we’d bring together all the cheapest/best plans for each carrier and compare them against each other, to see which plan would better suit your needs, as well as seeing which carriers are more competitive than others. Read on to see the comparison table.

Note: All plans are over 24 months.

  Telstra Optus Virgin VHA
Cap Price $49 (+$20/m) $49 $49 $59
Minimum Cost $1416 $1078 $1176 $1416
Cap Credit $400 $450 $300 $650
Data Allowance 200MB 1GB 2GB 2GB
SMS 25c 25c Unlimited Unlimited
MMS 50c 50c 60c Unlimited
Calls ($/min) [flagfall] 80c [32c] 90c [35c] 99c [40c] 90c [35c]
Video Calls ($/min) [flagfall] $1.10 [27c] $1.00 [35c] $0.99 [40c] $1.35 [35c]
Carrier Bonuses/Extras
  • Great network coverage & speed
  • Access to Bigpond extras (Mobile Foxtel) at a cost
  • 2 months free when buying online
  • Free Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, eBay, LinkedIn and foursquare
  • Free talk & text Virgin to Virgin
  • Rollover unused credit
  • $100 credit when buying online
  • Extra 1GB data for the first 12 months
  • $50 credit when buying online
  • Free calls between Three & Vodafone
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what about warranties? what length are offered by all, and cost of extending for the life of the contract is need be?


Galaxy S is a damn sweet phone, and my bet will soon be like the iphone, people everywhere have them… couple of “non tech” friends when shown the iphone 4 and the Galaxy S all chose the Galaxy S as the cooler phone, well done Samsung on getting your phone EVERYWHERE! I appreciate the table to Buzz… good work, and the comments such as “also available on the 39 cap” are quite helpful, i totally understand why Buzz didn’t put it in his table, but def appreciate the comment alerting me to it, I think my sister may indeed sign… Read more »


I think everyone needs to stop being so snarky. They did a judgement call on deciding what plans to include. Keep jumping up and down like this and they will probably stop doing the comparisons all together. Less hassle that way.


Good summary, but missing some of the plans. I’m not a fan of exclusive deals like HTC and Motorola have been pushing, so quite happy to see that Samsung have kept a level playing field with the Galaxy S availability.

For all Galaxy S plans from all carriers (except Telstra), starting from $29 per month try this –
You can do an apples to apples comparison by punching in your own usage to find which plan works out best.

Cheat Hacker

Is this Telstra version of Galaxy S Gold plated or something ?


There is an even better deal with Vodafone if you use their special NRMA link (at no stage do they ask you for details). Their 12 month plan is especially awesome- Normally $69/month, now its 10% off AND you get the first 3 months free. There is a $5/month phone repayment though but still overall… ($62.10 x 9)+ ($5 x 12) = $618.90 This is great as its only a 12 month contract! The cap is also very generous- $650/month & 2GB/month & Unlimited SMS & Unlimited to Vodafone & 3. I’m still undecided about the actual phone itself… Read more »


@plasmapuff YOU ROCK! Your comment came a day or two after I signed up for an SGS with Vodafone through Crazy John’s. ($49 cap for 24 months + $5 for the phone), so I kicked myself for losing my patience and jumping on the boat too early (I’m an NRMA member so am entitled for this deal). But yesterday I was on the phone with Vodafone about another question so I decided to ask them about the deal you mentioned, including the link you provided. To make a long story short – they allowed me to get the NRMA discount… Read more »


I think you need a bigger table, or perhaps 2 tables: one listing the cheapest option of each operator, and another with best value for money.

You can do a bit more by suggesting the best plan for each user type : those who do lots of texting, those who use phone function less but data more, and those who use calls and texts more with a bit of data etc.. Now that IMO would be really useful.


Agreed! Virgin $39 cap seems cheap and good option for smartphone


Except that they are on the Optus network, which I still hear that is slower than the others.

Personally I went with VHA $49 cap +$5 for the phone.

I think the most important bit for people to check when choosing a plan (besides checking the amount of data they actually use, obviously) is how many calls and how long is their total talk time, then see how much it would cost with each plan. Without doing that, the “Cap Credit” line is useless for comparison.


Virgin also has it free on $39 easy cap : Minimum cost = $936. Rest are same with $49 cap except you only get 300MB instead of 2GB of data and pay for SMSs at 28c per message (


isn’t the point of the table to highlight your different options. Also on the virgin 49 cap its free text to anyone not just virgin members


If you put the Virgin $49 cap, why not put the Telstra and VHA components on the $49 cap also? You know, to make it more even. Doing a comparison table and purposely leaving out the cheapest option across the board seems fairly counter-intuitive.


Earlier in the day though, you supposedly ‘confirmed’ it as $20/m on the $49 Telstra cap. How did you confirm it if Telstra has not officially released the details?


Well, except for the amount of data, $39 cap is not too bad. And I’m sure 300MB is a decent data allowance for a Smartphone. IMO you shouldn’t dismiss that plan as not suitable for smartphone use. If you are listing the cheapest option of each carrier then I think $39 cap is what should come under virgin.


fair enough, but a lot of my mates have gone the $39 cap and are very happy. Also it says “Free talk & text Virgin to Virgin” but its Free text to everybody!


Vodafone and 3 are offering the $69 cap for $59 for the length of the contract. alot more calls/data then the others