With the Desire HD making its way over to VHA in the next month or so, I thought I’d get some excitement going by posting up some of the screenshots from the Desire HD that have made their way online. The ones above show the new themes that come with Sense, there are 5 pre-installed with more able to be downloaded. Hit the break to see the rest!

The new skin chooser layout lets you personalise your Desire HD even more, something that I have wanted to see in Sense for quite a while, and I know I’m not alone in saying that.

Sign up for a HTCSense.com account via your Desire HD, this enables you to remote wipe and find your device when it’s lost. More info on HTCSense.com to come. You can also rearrange your homescreens, something that can already be done on most, if not all, Sense devices.

HTC have also included an eBook reader that lets you download eBooks on the go so you can read them whenever you feel like it. HTC Hub lets you download more skins for the Desire HD as well as other media.

Last but not least is the HTC Likes application that shows you what applications HTC recommends for your device, you can like these and discuss the app. In the status bar you can now scroll through the last 8 applications you used, this is the same as long pressing your home button.

All these new features give us a lot to look forward to in the HTC Desire HD, as well as future updates for other high-end HTC Sense devices such as the Desire.

Source: Android Spin.
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came with 8Gb micro sd.


Buzz, do you think the Desire HD will be available unlocked and suitable for use on Telstra’s Next G network? I hope so…

Kavierer Loopjers

The UI looks crisp and clean. I love it. Are the images and exact 1:1 ratio of the screen size on the Desire HD. If so, I’d have to see how it fits in the palm of my hand and in my pocket!


that definitely can’t be 1:1, compared to the screen on my SGS (4″), these screenshots make my screen look like a little toy compared lol.

the screens above, look more like 5″ – 5.5″, so if you rooted a Dell Streak and used this ROM, that’s what it’d look like 1:1 😛

Kavierer Loopjers

I’m on a Nokia 9800 so I didn’t have anything to compare it with as I don’t know its specs. I wasn’t definitely going to ask my i-phile workmate to compare his iphone with the screen . (You think I would be able to find a ruler around here too 😉


Yum! Looks seeeexy!! If the rumours are true, though, of a Desire2 (or the like) I reckon I might hold for that…I only just rooted my Desire and begun having fun with it, lol!

And LOL@nightbeast…spam much??


Nice and shiny…I’m looking forward to HTCsense.com that promises to smart couple Desire HD to the Cloud. Motorola tried it with Backflip but that never really caught on. Going by their promos, HTC may have nailed web integration.


Ooooo, trophy wall theme at last!!1


I want 2 bye a android mobile fone with is made by htc… my buget is about 10,000/Rs indian currunci. Sugest me a nice mobile phone


10,000 INR = 229.657 AUD, so the only thing you might be able to afford is the LG Optimus


I want 2 bye a android mobile fone with is made by htc… my buget is about 10,000/Rs indian currunci.


unless the new slew of Windows Phone 7 handset that are coming, really wow me, the Desire HD will be my pick i think


That would be my prediction but i really really hope it doesn’t come true. Come on Optus/Virgin get your sh$t together


Will the Desire Z work on telstra’s NextG network?


because compaired to his galaxy s, 1.5gb is crappola


hrmmm you do have a point mate, guess I was just spoilt with the fact that the SGS has 16gb 😛


damnit….. why is all this now making me want one 🙁

should’ve waited longer and stayed with VHA and not gotten an SGS!

still no problem with the SGS, nor Optus…. but damn this phone is lush! 😛

pity about the internal storage though…


No problem with Optus? I would’ve thought the whole “cannot login to Google Services” thing to be a major, churn-provoking problem…?