Above is Samsung Spain informing the world that Samsung are expected to push out the Android 2.2 to Galaxy S devices in late October instead of the September date they had originally planned. We also have to keep in mind that our Carriers (less Virgin) each have their own applications that have to be pre-loaded before any update reaches your device, so don’t be surprised if the date is pushed back a little further for us Aussies.

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I just checked my Telstra Galaxy S 2.1 in keis. And there is no update? Come on!! Skype, SHOUTcast in winamp dont work in 2.1, and im sure a whole lot of other apps dont either! Get your acts together. I seriously dont wana root my phone!
Also why do you insist with infecting your branded phones with all your crap apps, and no easy option to restore to a default Galaxy S.
Now that i think about it, i might root my phone and install an 2.2 firmware. Without all your crap!

John Ligthart

Android 2.2 is now freely available in Australia for the Galaxy S via the Samsung Kies program.


Are you talking also about Vodaphone-branded Galaxy’s or just Optus and unbranded ones?

This morning I’ve checked Kies for the first time in weeks and it didn’t find any update (of Kies itself).


Yeah… Not good news, as I just feel it in me waters that Optus are going to faff around with the date as well. Hopefully it is just a regional Spanish thing but I’m not going to hold my breath.

Kind of wondering what warranty issues I’d have my moving to Cyanomod…


Don’t give up hope yet, this was posted by Samsung Spain; it could be a regional thing. Other countries i.e Samsung U.K has not given any updates after confirming a late September release just last week : http://goo.gl/eft4.


Amos, I agree, Sometime I cannt answer the phone, the screen blank and miss call many time. Software is so slow, too many bugs,have to reboot everyday. I m so disappointed with this phone. If 2.2 doesn’t fix these issues, I go back to iPhone.I know android is good, but vendors don’t look after customers. I m afraid android will follow windows footstep, many options but quality is so sh*t


urgh, great! more delays! 😐


I was waiting for this.
Is it worth trying installing a vanilla 2.2 on it?
I need extra fonts, and sometimes the screen doesn’t respond when the phone calls and I try to unlock it. I got the impression that these are the kind of stability problems which a root’ed 2.2 could fix.



Just make sure it’s bug free.


I knew this would happen! I’ve started to notice a little lag and I don’t have a whole lot of apps or anything on it. I might root the SGS in the interim.


Try resetting your device to factory default… it worked for me.

No need to ROOT the system..


Ho hum. And late October means they aren’t confident about October either I bet. Hopefully Virgin will let the update pass on through to me as soon as it arrives.


kinda had a feeling that this was going to happen.
Let’s just hope that they use this extra time to get it 100%.


Noooo! That makes me sad. I promised my phone a September update.
Samsung! You made me look like a lier! a dirty stinkin lier.


Well that sucks!