So it turns out Techanist was right last month when they said the HTC Aria would be headed to Optus. This morning’s HTC announcement, attended by Neerav Bhatt, provided the crucial pricing information: $49/mo (includes 1GB of data). That puts it on an equal par with the HTC Wildfire on Telstra, as well as it having slightly better specs. $49/mo is still a lot considering the top-end Samsung Galaxy S also sits on the same plan.

The Aria runs Android 2.1 with a 600MHz CPU & 3.2″ HVGA display. As it’s running 2.1,’s features such as remote wipe & backup won’t work.

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Bonta Ringko


I have a simple, question. Do you know anything about a HTC Wildfire. I bought the phone on Ebay. I am using Optus and they dont seem to very the internet settings for the phone. Does anyone, know, or have any idea what i can do, to be able to use the phone on the Optus network?



HTC’s news post makes it all painfully official in writing and all 🙁


was looking forward to getting this little badboy but not for 49 bucks


WTF… $49 cap? Fricken crazy talk. How the hell can this, a mid-range spec phone be on the SAME plan as the Galaxy S or the Desire? Makes no sense whatsoever. I am seriously disappointed… SERIOUSLY.

This is crazy.

Colour me fricken bummed now. (Yeah, ‘bummed’ is a colour)

Kavierer Loopjers

I think it is a launch price for those early adopters that want a HTC phone on the Optus Network. I would not be surprised to see that it hits a 29 cap within a month or two. I guess a prepaid option would be good as it is only approx $350.

Although admittedly it sounds like they have a more lucrative deal with Samsung rather than with HTC.


I reckon these Telcos think people in down under are suckers and they may getaway with any price they want (thats why these ppl are keepin us high and dry…think abt it how many android phones r in US and EU market…hell even India got more than Aus)


If that is the case, and they lower the price shortly afterwards, wouldn’t that just really annoy those who’d paid the higher amount? I’ve seen them and other carriers do it before and just have to think that they anger people more than anything by doing so.


Disappointing..I was actually hyped up…it seems LG optimus one may turn out better..Having “HTC” brand does not make it (automatically) better (Spec-wise)..I would rather go for an iphone 3gs or iphone 4 (paying extra $5).


no further word from htc on the desire hd&z then?