Today see’s the Millennius SmartQ Tablet hit Millennius’ online store, and for $299 it appears to be a great, afforadable alternative to Android Tablets hitting the market in the coming months. The SmartQ is WiFi b/g only, but can support 3G with the use of a 3G USB Card. Another cool feature is its ability to dual-boot between Ubuntu and Android 2.1.

Some specs:

· 2.1 Google Android OS
· Ubuntu Linux OS
· 7.0 inch Touchscreen
· 8GB Memory Card
· WI-FI, bluetooth and USB wireless
· 1080P video playback
· Supports 3G USB Card

Check out the Millennius Store if you’re interested. We’ll be reviewing one very soon, if you have any questions leave a comment below, or hit us up on Twitter.

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    well yeh they have joint brand with them, and no it is not the same. 1st of all q7 is a very old model, v7 is the new 1. and i agree , how would u know nething, do u make electronics, do u know millennius? chinese make for their market which is different to australia. sony use samsung panels etc, might as well say its a samsung and sony put their name on it, i have the device, i hate wen ppl asume and say watever and have no clue wat there saying, the two models are not even… Read more »


    The “millennius” product is exactly the same as the smart Q7, with millennius added at the front of the name. All they do is import and sell it. Like the millennius apanda a60 is just the apanda a60 in china made by apanda.


    mate, seriously all u guys… that review is done with a q7 that is old n doesnt have android n it was done early 2009. the millennius is v7 model, newer, upgraded and the android market has all of it, therrs so many reviews of all old crap, i could review u a copy iphone, same shit. dont comment until u get 1 or wait til they review the millennius tablet they have made for australia and not the chinese market. u have samsung n lg make for chinese maket and would not even pass in australia. stop lookin for… Read more »


    I’m sure for browsing the net its fine, but i wouldn’t expect much app support. There is a review by a user called ColdSun here (, but he says practically nothing about installing apps and app compatibility and recommends the device as an e-reader with music.


    Any idea when you guys are getting your hands on this baby for a review? I’m keen to pull the trigger but will never forgive myself if I do it without having all the information and it turns out to be a dud.


    gavin: I could not tell you the exact technical reason for why resistive couldn’t until recently do multi touch, but it couldn’t. It’s a relatively new thing.


    spoco2 – I just did some research, From what Ive read, it isnt impossible and some devices out there do have it. Just not as common thats all…

    But who cares, it really isnt a hassle


    For the money this device is very competitive. There is another Australian company selling some other I wold think chines made droid tablets that you might want to look at too. 1 is cheaper and the other is more expensive that this. This is the address you can take a look at them and the seem to allow you to customize them a bit too.

    One question with this tablet the China US versions also seem to include Windows CE too but this one does not anyone know why?


    fair point.. but why the such put down on these companies that are helping us out?
    everything we buy is from overseas.

    i have bought the millennius smartq, i can say from my very own eyes,

    it is very responsive, it has multi touch,
    and android market.. not to mention that it also has ubuntu os snd i got it for $300

    there is no australian company offering a great little device lilr this so cheap, dell, samsung, ipad are just way too expensive. trust me u wont mind resistive after playing with this.


    I was just going to say ‘Bah, you can’t have multitouch on a resistive screen’… but hey, so you can… so there you go! 😛


    Hey Spoco2, Why cant you have multi-touch on resistive? Do you invent technology and electronic devices? Anyway I have received my tablet, I gota say this is bloody good. And With the multi-touch I think that guy maybe confused on what that is. Double tap to zoom in etc is not multi-touch, multi touch is when you can pinch to zoom. To be honest who cares if you can pinch to zoom. Double tap and press on the + to make it even bigger is fine to me. Anyone that wants one of the android tablets and especially for a… Read more »


    As The_Guy pointed out above, this tablet is just

    So, people trying to give huge cheers for this company because they’re ‘Australian’ are really missing the point that they are just importers and branders of overseas goods and that’s it… they are another Kogan.

    Not saying that this tablet isn’t some pretty good kit for the money, just don’t try to suggest you’re ‘supporting Australia’ when you buy one of these, you’re not, you’re supporting SmartQ, a Chinese company.

    And… of course… it’s a resistive screen… ugh… clunky, non responsive and no multitouch.

    Kavierer Loopjers

    It’s very hard these days to get anything Electronic made in a country other than China. Even Samsung, Sony, Panasonic etc, source their LCD panels from china. I guess the only difference is that they invest in the plants manufacturing it. They do have products made in Japan, but that is usually their “top of the range” line priced out of the range of most ordinary consumers. If only Kogan and other “Australian” companies invested in their suppliers, we would have a better quality product that can compete with the big brands. The profit will stay in Australia, but with… Read more »


    I have no problem with these companies existing, giving people a local point of support/purchase for overseas built goods, and know that pretty much zero of anything tech is built anywhere but these places. BUT I just have to laugh at people who think they’re being patriotic by buying from these companies… you’re not, you’re just giving importers of cheap goods an income.


    Not insulting you. Not bagging it because its chinese.. basically it sounded like you bought it from a china company. So I stated that because you have bought it from a chinese company you are only getting a sample based product. This company is australian so everything will be alot faster. and dont forget usd prices so its going to cost more in the long run. But still looks like your selling these units. When I get mine, maybe we can meet up and compare haaha. I rekon mine will kick your aSS. Smartq are a massive brand in china… Read more »


    Ive also noticed every time a Millennius product is displayed on this site that the other device is mentioned by someone… hmm selling the device somewhere?


    You are very quick to insult me. I suppose you have to considering you’ve already bought one of these. What happens when warranty is needed? I send it back to the website i bought it from which guarantees a 12 month warranty and is based in Canada. The included memory card with the smartQ is 8gb, valued at around $30. Likewise, the tablet you bought is made by a chinese company ( so i would not be preaching about high quality. They are the ones doing the software and i doubt they will care much if you have a problem… Read more »


    @the_guy, Please don’t tell us about your crappy Chinese supported device. It doesnt even have memory cards included, and I doubt that they will support you down the track when something goes wrong. What happens when warranty is needed? You think over there that will help or care? And think about the cost you have to send it overseas and the time to get it fixed.

    This is an Australian Brand/company. Bring on Australian Brands!!

    I just ordered the Millennius SmartQ today and have received notification that it will arrive tomorrow 🙂 YESSSS!


    I bought my tablet for only $199 with Android 2.2 and updates coming in fairly regularly. The processor is also decent, an 800mHz Cortex A8.


    Its called the Wits A81-e. The market is not full but theres a hack to get all the apps into the market. So it needed a bit of work when it arrived but i am quite satisfied with it right now considering the price. Just don’t confuse it with the A81 with has no front face buttons and only runs android 1.6.


    i wasn’t able to find any capacitive ones so i ended up with this one.


    I’d be interested in a cheap android/ubuntu tablet just to play around on, however a resistive screen is not very nice. I look forward to your review!


    I think you should put there “1080P video playback” claim to the test, as while it may technically be able to output 1920×1080 over HDMI, it seems pretty unlikely that it can actually play back an mpeg4 / h264 video at that resolution.


    This sounds real sweeet, worth buying if only for 300 🙂


    Are we familiar yet with this company’s commitment to upgrades? Are you aware of a plan for this tablet to receive at least Android 2.2? Still waiting for 2.2 for my Galaxy S…


    This is the kind of price range I’m looking at for my tablet purchase. Very interested in reading your review. It includes a touch pen, so I’m going to assume it’s got a resistive screen … strike one. Hopefully there’s no others!