It’s been quite a while since there was a new confectionery arrival to the Android Clan outside of the Googleplex, but today arrived the much-anticipated Gingerbread. Google was also kind enough to put together their own video of the arrival & setup, which can be found after the break. Also after the break are 3 videos details features Google has already mentioned about Android 2.3/3.0/Gingerbread which might spike your interest a little more. Enjoy.

Oh and if you’re wondering, when the Eclair was setup outside Google HQ, it was then just under a month before the source code for Android 2.0/2.1 was released. Let’s hope they keep it that way.

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Woot! Can’t wait til someone cooks a ROM with this code…!! Bring it!


LOL at the 2nd video “It turns out on the internet PEOPLE USE FLASH!”


yesss. finally… can’t wait to update my Nexus One


Still waiting for Telstra to release Froyo on my Desire…

james (bunnbash)

lol neil, why??

just t-mod it already, you know that Telstra is probably never going to release it. Releasing the update would prove they care just a little bit about customers, it’s much more fun for the evil empire to just keep teasing us and not delivering…


Can’t wait to get a version on my desire! So exciting….