Desperate to get your hands on the latest technology HTC & Vodafone have to offer? Then it’s best you get your pre-orders in for the Desire HD now, as these beasts are going to have a waiting-list longer than the eye can see. Vodafone has placed the pre-order link up on their site or you can hit our source link to go and order it now. They promise to have it out to you within 2 weeks of your order being successfully approved.

If you’re not one to be stuck on a contract for 2 years and upfront costs aren’t an issue, MobiCity has plenty of stock arriving in the next week or so to fulfill all orders.

Also, if you’re getting the Desire HD, be sure to check out our walkthrough of

Source: Vodafone Store.
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In Oz, is it possible to buy the phone unlocked and use it on any network? This seems the obvious answer to the limited coverage of Vodafone. However, is this option cost effective when compared to $0 up front plans with a $60 pm cap?


My other half and I switch sims in our phones all the time. We do this because his nokia forgets how to recieve text messages and the only way to reset it is to swap phones for a few hours. We are able to use all the features of each others phones.

So I would say as long as it is the same network, there shouldnt be any issue.


Question for you smart people other there. I want to get this phone for my myself but it will be ordered under my wife’s name. Once I receive the phone with a new SIM Card (which is really my wife’s sim card), I want to take this new SIM Card and put it in my old phone (iPhone :-)) and take my sim card which was in the iPhone and put it in this new phone. Assuming, iPhone is unlocked and my other sim is also with Vodafone, can someone answer the following question. Is it possible to do this… Read more »


I just preordered and I’m an existing customer upgrading. Seems they’ve made the option available.


This is interesting……..
Vodafone have now added 12 month contract plans!
Don’t know why they did it at first….


*didn’t do


I’m due for an upgrade on my contract, and I tried to do a pre-order but it seems like there is no option that allows you to upgrade. You have to enter all your personal details and employment and credit card details. So I don’t want to sign up on another contract lol I’m just going to call Vodafone and ask them if they can upgrade me.


Does anybody know if there is a 850 model planned?

Work give me a nextG sim, so as yet this phone is no good for me…


It doesn’t matter if you’re a new customer or an existing customer. If you’re getting a new phone on a new plan. It’s definitely $59 per month for 12/24 month contracts.


I made the switch begrudgingly from 3 to Voda for this phone. At least that way I get around the not being able to order as an exsisting customer. The 3 call centre also told me the $59 price is for new connections. Existing customers will have to pay $69 a month. Not sure how true this is, the indian call centres come out with some wierd things sometimes.

Anyway I got the email this afternoon that my order was approved, so 2 week countdown is on.


Put my order in yesterday and received an e-mail today confirming the order had been processed and the ‘phone will be delivered as soon as available. I had a call from a Vodafone operative (to check on some details of my order) prior to receiving that e-mail and when I asked how long it would take, they advised I could expect delivery in about 5 working days 🙂 Be interesting to see if that’s true. Also, I was in a Vodafone shop yesterday and they’ve been told they will have stock to sell from 25 November, so it looks like… Read more »


Is it available on a 12 month contact?


Sorry, didn’t read the article properly.
It sucks that they aren’t selling on a 12 month contract………..


Preorder is for new customers only.

Existing customers need not apply.




Man the preorder page is slow