So you just read our review, and you’re pumped to get yourself a Galaxy Tab, yeah? Well The Australian has reported that the Galaxy Tab will go on sale from November 8th and The Australian will be pre-installed on all devices. It’s like bloatware, but relatively useful. The App will be free for two months, then a subscription will be needed to continue the service. Pricing of said subscription will set you back $8.99 a month, or $36.99 over a half yearly period. Get excited, news lovers!

Source: The Australian.
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Such venom from the left.
Just don’t read it, people.


Ha, News ltd getting desperate. I love it. Good riddance, hasn’t had an arm worth saving for ages.

Samsung: FU, work on fixing your products before wasting time on this sort of shit.


Would you complain if The Age was preloaded?
(or the ABC for that matter)
Of course you wouldn’t you crazy junkies….


No thanks.

Part of News Corps / Murdochs push to make all news paid only. I’d prefer just using Google News and ABC content instead.

Quality journalism and free. Bugger off Murdoch, we don’t need ya crap. 😛



If I ever get the Samsung tablet, which is not likely at this point of time, it will be the first thing I’ll rip off it. Ain’t having no Murdoch crap tainting my device.


The Australian spreading it’s fud campaign against the NBN to your mobile device.


Pretty much spot on. Why would Samsung team up with this bs?


Bloody Australian, OMG what a complete waste…. get a real newspaper.


Like the Age?
Get real.


So you can’t uninstall it, and it requires a paid subscription to use???

BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!! That’s a savage piece of bullshit right their. Manufacturers need to be smarter about shit like this. At least let us uninstall it?


*there 🙂