I’m getting sick of posting about Sony Ericsson and their shenanigans, but I’m sticking in there for the X10 owners, as I was once one of you, but I went for the exit not too long ago. All the info you need can be seen above, but basically Sony Ericsson AU are playing around with the updates and making sure each carriers bloatware is sufficiently slowing down the system so that they can be sent out to your device.

Keep holding in there X10 Series owners, only a ‘few more months weeks’.

Source: Sony Ericsson Australia.
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11th November 2010 and still no update available for my X10 mini pro in Australia. My PC companion still says “Your phone is up to date” when Android 1.6 is installed.

So when will they rollout Android 2.1 for Australia?


No you have to load Nordic firmware on it first then use se to update it. No rooting of phone needed.


You need to use SE update. It’s not over the air (about 161MB so I understand why!).
Just hit your ‘update now’ button and it should tell you it’s available and then just hook up through SE update and you’re away.
Only took about 10 minutes 🙂


So , you just got the update automatically, that is just got a notification OTA from the Vodafone network that an update was available? No Rooting your phone?


I Just did the Nordic Firmware update and works fine. Im with Vodafone Australia. the link is
Its very easy to do and works perfectly.


Hey Lee, Did you Root the phone to get the upgrade or just got a notification OTA? through the network?


Do we need our phone carrier network to update or can we just use WIFI ?

(I mean if we don’t have a sim card in the phone, can we still do the update ?)


Just did my update…it’s a whole new world!!
I’m on Vodafone by the way…


Been a dedeciated SE buyer for many years.

I just flashed to Nordic firmware to get update quicker. See XDA for method, painless & easy.

Have had all day on 2.1 – 0 problems.

Screw you SE for delays & half the full update.


ugh. Just DO IT already! I’m waiting for this to happen so I can trade my old crackberry Pearl for an X10 at work.


yes, I’m replying to myself. So typical of a Sony business …