Read our Galaxy Tab review? Fell in love? Want one? And you’re a Telstra user? Well it’s your luck day, as Telstra have just opened the Expressions Of Interest (EOI) form for the Samsung Galaxy Tab, or GALAXY Tab as Telstra appear to market it. So if you’re interested to be kept up to date with Galaxy Tab news from Telstra, you can continue to visit our site, or you can trust Telstra to do it 😉

I wonder if Telstra’s plans will be anywhere near as good as Optus’s speculated ones.

Source: Telstra - Galaxy Tab EOI.
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After the ridiculous treatment of the Galaxy S, I need an Expression of Zero Interest form.


It’s not speculation regarding the Optus plans.

I’ve got the leaflet from a store with the plan details.

$0 Upfront, $59 Cap, 10-20 Gb data on/off peak


Telstra will be the laughing stock once again when they announce their plans for this device. David Thodey said he would bring down the price of wireless and then promptly brought out a wifi modem on prepaid with 5 gigs of data to be used over 3 months. Can you imagine a bunch of uni students all using this device making sure no one downloads anything but text LOL Nigel no tofu for you tonight you downloaded a youtube vid so we all have to stop surfing for a week! Telstra is a joke!


Surely they will need to match Optus.

We saw them do that with the Desire at least — sitting around a $49/pcm cap plan.


Yeah but if the SG-Tab’s data is truly as generous as speculated – Telstra ain’t coming to that party! (Speculation of 10-20 GIGS per month !!!!)



*wants to speculate on the generosity of Telstra’s Galaxy Tab Cap Plan, but bites tongue instead* 🙁


yeah I’d definitely hold my breath too, if the past has shown us anything (Telstra’s Galaxy S *nudge*), this would probably fall into the ‘Telstra Competitiveness…. LOL’ category 😛


*wouldn’t hold my breath

cursed typing of mine!