Even though the relationship that was Garmin-Asus has ceased, that hasn’t stopped Dick Smith stocking the Garmin-Asus A50 for Optus Prepaid and selling it at a low $199, which appears to be the current price for Android prepaid devices. The device is very navigation oriented, so if you enjoy travelling this just might be the prepaid phone for you, just make sure you’re on Optus as this little baby is all locked up.

Source: Dick Smith.
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The Garmin Asus is partially locked, I can make phone calls but have not got the internet connection functioning yet. I think its just a matter of setting up the APN. Not sure. Any ideas?

John M

Donna, Depending on which sim or telco, you would have to set up APN (access point) in settings

Settings> Wireless Manager> Data> Access Point Names> New APN


Yes donna you are correct in needing to set an apn at first i was also convinced the A50 was partially locked, however this is not the case. I actually rang my provider for them to send me the settings for my data/mms but was greeted with the same message i got from optus, that the phone wasnt in there data base and could not give me the settings However this is how You will need to access Settings> Wireless Manager> Data> Access Point Names> New APN Then visit http://hdmp4.com/APN and find the settings for your Providers You may also… Read more ยป


Android 2.1 unlocks the Garmin-Asus A50 for all those worried about it being locked.

G Bonney

Yep, has the Optus wrapper, great phone and GPS.
It is Android 1.6, 2.1 is supposedly coming shortly.
I will wait for reviews on 2.1 as it works so well on 1.6.

G Bonney

I just purchased one from Dick Smith and it is unlocked, Telstra & Virgin both work fine in the Optus Garmin A50. ๐Ÿ™‚


Hi G Bonney
You’ve noted that the Garmin A50 is unlocked.
How did your phone packaging come in.
Was it wrapped with an Optus Pre-Paid cover?

Strange that the small print says that the phone is locked – but it is actually unlocked.
I’m going to buy one if it is really unlocked.


dick smith is getting a lot of cheap android handsets out recently.