Confirmation: This is for ALL carriers. Crazy John’s etc..

There have been a heap of Vodafone customers, who have HTC Legends, contact me lately, all wanting to know if their device is going to receive Android 2.2 (Froyo) or not. So I got in contact with HTC AU and asked them that exact question, and you’ll be happy with the reply.

I just talked to HTC and they said they are currently working with the carrier partners for the Froyo update for Legend. However there is no confirmed timing at this stage.

So yes, your HTC Legend will be getting Android 2.2. As for when, well, not too sure about that just yet. But hey, at least you know you’re not going to be left behind just yet.

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Android 2.2 Froyo for HTC Legend available on Vodafone Australia on March 25

Sniper Goat

Just go on the HTC website, im from australia and i went on the htc site and got 2.2

Thats the link


I wouldn’t count on this. Magic was promised 2.1 but is STILL on 1.6 – totally unacceptable from Vodafone. As soon as they get you signed up they just do not care anymore.

Phillip Molly Malone

Yeah, we sort of knew but the delay was making me nervous.
On other news, HTC have announced on their Facebook page that the update for the Legend is getting really close and will go to unbranded phones soon and to the carriers to put out at the same time. Anyone know how long our carriers normally take to turn around updates?


I dont think Legend users knew this, at least I havent read an actual confirmation from HTC anywhere else.


Actually HTC Legend users already knew this a long time ago…

The question is not whether the legend will get froyo, but instead WHEN?
That’s because HTC has been delaying the updates since Q3 – August…

Phillip Molly Malone

YAY!! I did read somewhere should be within the month, but not holding my breath.

Does your contact know if there is a reason it takes so long to update? Is it a factor of the age of Android and/or is it something that will improve as time goes on?


Thats good news, hopefully they get the new experience as well.


not even the desire got it, the legend definitely wont.


Just wish Vodafone and HTC hurry up and update our damn HTC Magic’s


Me too. 1.6 is a joke. So much for always enjoying the best possible user experience from the latest android software updates.

Vodafone is thrilled to be launching an exclusive version of the HTC Magic. We will offer both the black and white variants to our customers – the white of which is exclusive to Vodafone – and Google branding. In addition, the Vodafone exclusive device comes with Firmware Over-the-Air software which automatically updates handsets with the latest Android software, ensuring our customers always enjoy the best possible user experience.” – Edward Goff, Head of Consumer Markets, Vodafone Australia