You know what I hate? Resistive screens Toll Couriers (as they think it’s cool to attempt to deliver our Desire HD when I’m out for 5 mins), Sundays and blurry pictures. Especially this blurry picture, as the subject being the Pioneer Dreambook, doesn’t even deserve this pic. Why? Because of the age of crap-tabs (as I will now call them) are upon us. No doubt through the cheap, badly manufactured, quick-buck seeking crap-tabs, there are a few beauties out there, this is not one. The Pioneer Dreambook is currently retailing at Big W for $188 and will provide you with the following specs:

  • 7 “high sensitive” screen (800×480 pixels)
  • 533MHz CPU
  • 2GB MicroSD (expandable to 32GB)
  • 356MB RAM
  • 1.3MP Camera
  • 2400mAh Battery (Plays 4hrs of video, 15 days standby)
  • USB 2.0 (Supports 3G Dongles)
  • WiFi 802.11 b/g/n

There’s no listing of what Android version it’s running, but a little bit of Googling will tell you it runs Android 1.6, yay it’s just like owning a Sony Ericsson Tablet. We don’t expect any of you to rush and buy one of this, actually, we’d expect you to run in the other direction.. fast.

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    who tryin to buy my 7 inch pioneer tablet it is red and in good condition


    sir i need this tablet firmware 7″ Pioneer Tablet dreambook tablet


    Bought one of these from ebay through an Australian supplier for $49 so far not impressed. 


    Well I have just about had it with this thing got it for my daughter for xmas and have spent the last 4 days trying to get the stupid thing to connect to the net I don’t have wifi as wel are on holidays purchaseda crazy johns dongle model apple iphones connect ad hock to laptop via peer to peer f%^$ android doesn’t manager to get a friend to lend me a wifi rounter but I can’t get this to work either thanks BIG W for stuffing my and my families XMAS you guys should be sued for sellig this… Read more »


    Hi, I got the Dreambook for Christmas. I love gadgets and this one is reasonably good enough for me. I have a Samsung Galaxy i9000 which uses Android and the Android Market is fantastic, there’s heaps of free apps, which some costs a with the iphone. The Dreambook OS is platform 1.6, however when you turn the tablet, it’s been upgraded to 1.8. I went to Pioneer’s website the otherday and it had the instructions in there how to upload the 2.0 version. After the upgrade, the tablet’s performance is much better. I have also upgraded to SlideMe4, its still… Read more »


    Worst. Post. Ever.


    Please enlighten me of your thoughts about this ebook….


    Really mate, why can’t you just upgrade to Android 2.x or even 3 when it comes out? (as long as Pioneer are happy to release and update). Then the tab will be fine. If not maybe someone will make a homebrew version of 3 if the unit is popular enough (although it appears that they can only be bothered doing this with the top end devices).



    written by another apple fan boy whore
    go suck some Jobs cock

    Rose among the Thorns

    ok i think we get how crappy you all think this device is – and while you keep slamming it… other people who dont care what you think will just ignore you!

    i do whoever see what your talking about in the sense that its out of date, the efficency is low and there is better out there for the money…
    but also for the lowly student or unemployed person like myself who dont care if you can’t spend hours watching movies or whatever and only want it for basic stuff… it would be satisfying!


    Pioneer have a whole range of android pads on their website up to some quite highly specced ones… where are the reviews and comments of these?


    That’s totally insane! I ordered my Desire HD from three, 4 days ago.. The three employee who took my order (situated in Hobart, me being in Melb) got his own Desire HD the very next day. I’ve been waiting at home, not able to sleep a wink since 4 nights, and I’ve been jumping at the slightest sound and the Australian Post delivery guys come by exactly 15 minutes after I’ve left home to go give a damn 2 hour exam. I reached home at 5 to realise this… Damn you Murphy and your damn law!


    “You know what I hate? Resistive screens Toll Couriers (as they think it’s cool to attempt to deliver our Desire HD when I’m out for 5 mins)” I am a Toll Priority Courier. We don’t know whether you’re home or not when we attempt delivery and we are usually following a route and a tight schedule that may not allow us to return to your address on the same day. However, here I sit in Surfer’s Paradise in our holiday unit waiting for my shiny new Galaxy Tab to arrive. Upon calling Optus I am informed that the consignment that… Read more »


    It’s not personal to you, mate… Buzz is just annoyed like me with regard to our luck for the fact that we weren’t at home when the phone was delivered which is like 1% of the time compared to 99% of the time when we actually were home.. Just pissed off about the unfortunate timing, not something Toll Priority or Australia Post could possibly have anticipated or avoided in any manner… 🙂


    lol why the hate.

    It might not be the best tablet ever made, but what if you can’t afford to get a galaxy tab.

    For poor students that want to be able to check things online etc this appears to be not too bad.

    Even if the device dies after 1 year.


    I thinkkk we should all wait to get the Archos 101 for $299. 10.1″ capacitive 1024×600 screen, 1ghz processor, pretty worthwhile it seems.


    Oh yeah, and it runs Android 2.2


    Oh, that’s $299 USD though, so around $35,000 AUD for you outdoorsmen


    aus dollar is worth more than us..?


    Having access to the proper Android market is not everything. You can get most free and some paid apps from other sources. I would think these other tablets with 1ghz+ processes would be far more usable than slower ones with the official marketplace. I guess it depends on what you prefer having either a slow or very costly device that can have lost of apps or a fast cheap device with less.


    Just to try and give some perspective to this conversation this device has been on sale from pioneer computers for at least 6 months and it only being now sold in BigW stores who have also previously carried one of their netbooks. So with this information it does not make the device look great compared to current devices but it was about the standard level for the lower end 6 months ago when it first came out. Would I buy one of these no but I might consider one of their better specked ones found on their website I… Read more »


    Wowsers, my Huawei Ideos’ processor is stronger than that……


    Millennius looks as if they are just an importer of Shenzai IMO products, although they may be a good one for all I know.

    The real manufacturer is a actually SmartQ ( I rejected this device 3 or 4 months ago when I purchased my WITS Tech A81e ( which I think is a much better device, albeit not solid directly in Australia that I could find, so I bought mine from Merimobiles (http://

    However, SmartQ does have a new model T7 that looks very nice, including an option for 3G.


    thats a piece of crap you can get for $90 on ebay.. wouldnt touch it…

    So far the Millennius have the best cheapest tablet IMO


    A shame evryone can’t afford $999 for their TAB..

    Android owns the affordable TAB space..

    Any other contenders?


    Looks like it’s going to be a crap-tabulous Christmas for a lot of people this year. Unfortunately as a result of the crappy experience that these tablets will provide it will probably turn a lot of people off android as an operating system.


    thats what i fear, then people will rush to the ipad, clueless about the high end android tabs


    mobile internet device

    sounds as gimmicky as apple’s internet communications device.