If you’re one of the lucky ones that purchased their Desire Z from MobiCity, and one of the many that have received their Desire HD from Vodafone and the like, you’ll be happy to know (if it interests you) that your device can now be permanently rooted. If you don’t know what ‘root’ is, check out this Lifehacker article. If you do, you can find all the instructions to root your Z / HD in a matter of minutes here: http://forum.xda-developers.com/showthread.php?p=9115295 and you’re set for life. Let us know how the rooting goes 😉

Note: Rooting is risky, you can brick your device, ra ra ra *insert known warnings*.

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XDA never sleeep!

Them & Modaco make it easy for the masses!

I got Ace + Root and its a great phone.
Minus the crappy external speaker… them taiwanese don’t like their beats loud I guess!


Thanks, I am going to purchase the DHD from Vodafone now!


go for the DHD….
I went into optus to check out the Streak and the staff carried it out with 2 hands ……. it’s a massive thing.


So happy about this development – this was the main thing that held me back from purchasing the DHD.

Now I’m adding the DHD into the Streak/SGTab dilemma – might get the SGTab 🙂