Believe it or not, I’m really starting to not like Sony Ericsson. They have the capabilities to make really, really good phones, but they manage to completely stuff then up on launch with hardware & software limitations. The Sony Ericsson Anzu is the next generation of SE devices and is rumoured to be out Q1 2011 running Android 2.3 (Gingerbread) and featuring a 4.3″ display & HMDI out. That news just made me even angrier at Sony Ericsson than I already am, why aim to bring Gingerbread to a newer device, when you have a perfectly alright device in the Xperia X10 that’s yet to be updated to Android 2.1, for goodness sake.

I think what they’re trying to do here is limit the X10 Series to Android 2.1, then next generation devices such as the Anzu will be limited to Honeycomb so people have to continually purchase new phones. I personally think this is against the whole idea of Android, which should be keeping your phones, especially Sony Ericsson devices, updated to the latest version of Android that they can handle, and I’m fairly sure the Xperia X10 is more than capable of pushing beyond Gingerbread also. Oh yeah, and no doubt the Anzu won’t have multi touch either.

Source: Xperia X10 Blog.
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I hate Sony erricsob or delaying this update for months just get over it we will get this update once the new phone Anzu comes out


Cooper made a very good point: why develop updates when it’s not easy to do so, and the next gen of phone can ave the features and software everyone wants, and generate another round of revenue? These are phones, not game consoles. The way the phone makers generate income is to make new models of phones, not upgrade the old, nor let third parties dev software for them. That being said, I myself have the X-10, and in Sept, it seemed like the phone I needed…. 4 inch screen, 8.1 mpxl camera, anything but Windows(I had a Touch HD, which… Read more »


if SE planing for Q1 so Anzu will come at Q2 or Q3 next year 😀

grand popo

its sad but this is the world we live in now, disposable society, its the same with every product/company. look at apple, they create the hype every year to have the latest iphone and they get most tom, dick and harry’s hook line and sinker. you cant buy something now days expecting it to get better with updates etc you just have to buy it for what it is. and if you get an update well thats a bonus, cause once companies get your money their too busy working on ways to get more of your money than to help… Read more »


We have to remember that phone companies make phones in order to make money – developing and deploying updates costs money and unless they’re going to make additional sales on those old units or increase customer loyalty for future sales then they won’t do the update. Particularly since it detracts from the attractiveness of newer phones. Also, bear in mind that Sony-Ericsson in particular has been struggling financially and only recently turned a profit due to Android. Motorola’s mobile division is in a similar situation. I can’t blame them for running a tight ship! Regarding multi-touch, I think the main… Read more »


That would be great, but phone wont pass google testing if they are found to be too easy to root hence moto who has a close relationship with google starting to lock their phones down.


Disagree. google’s own phones (nexus one) are easy to unlock.


As I posted in forum, I have an x10 mini pro, which I bought because the hardware was exactly what I wanted, (small touchscreen, keyboard and android) of course I was hanging out for the 2.1 update but the fact is the phone is exactly what I wanted.
For the record I recieved the update (official not through rooting or anything) last weekend and it has made what was great phone, even better.


Did you get it OTA from any carrier in Australia in particular? Who did you buy the device from?


Oops… someone has fat fingers today! Back to my previous comment… I think where the whole thing falls down is that Android is touted as infinitely upgradeable and customisable. This is fine in theory, and in theory it is – that’s why we have modders being able to install froyo on devices that the manufacturer would never have thought about installing it on, and why those same modders can fix issues with devices (like the lag fixes for the Galaxy S). In practice, you are buying a device from SE, Samsung, HTC or whomever, and there are no rules laid… Read more »


“It was never expected before, so why now?”

Because Apple have raised the bar; anything less makes your company look dumb and will decrease customer loyalty.


Well said Cooper, I agree with you whole heartedly about why they don’t continually provide software upgrades. The irony is that these upgrades to software weren’t offered before Android came along.
I think where the whole thing falls down is that Android is touted as infinitely upgradeable and cistomisable


As mentioned below by Nathan – Apple set the standard. Old devices still get support and can access the latest apps and services. Android is really battling iPhone for dominance here – RIM, WP, Symbian are all dead ducks and time itself (once consumers realise the advantages of iOS or Android) will kill them or relegate them into obscurity. The problem is Handset Vendors only see revenue through once off, transactional hardware sales. They have no monetary reason to support old handsets, except fluffy ‘brand equity’. If they start to receive ongoing service revenue from old and new handsets, or… Read more »


Buzz, I couldn’t agree more, they want you to buy a new phone every year (iPhone, anyone?) 😛


“I personally think this is against the whole idea of Android”

I completely agree, but do you think manufactures give a @#$% about an idea? Until Google makes some rules then this is going to keep happening and not just with SE, Motorola and Samsung are both culprits as well.


“why aim to bring Gingerbread to a newer device, when you have a perfectly alright device in the Xperia X10 that’s yet to be updated to Android 2.1, for goodness sake.” Until H/W is standardised as a platform like PC’s with drivers built into the OS then we are going to continue to see devices not get the latest OS. It was never expected before, so why now? Manufacters would quickly go out of business if they kept putting new OS’s on products that are considered in the industry end of life. The shelf life of a phone is 6-12months… Read more »


I agree with you for the most part, but I don’t think Android is mature enough for the manufacturers to leave behind those who have 1.x series devices with just one upgrade. Personally I believe all devices should be brought to 2.2 (at least those that are hardware capable of running it). Considering they are the ppl who took a risk and gave Android a chance, making it grow to the place we see today. Just one upgrade (more appropriately, whatever number of upgrades come out within a year) for devices released from now on should be ok.


Agree wholeheartedly with you Buzz. I bought 2 Motorola Backflips , a Dext (for Wife, daughter and Uni student son) as they had keyboards plus SE X10 for me in May / June. So far, Motorola postponed then cancelled upgrade from Android 1.5 to 2.1 & SE still to deliver 2.1. I have 3 devices stuck on 1.5 unless we root & use the US 2.1, but hopefully X10 gets 2.1 in next few weeks. Optus don’t want to hear about my complaints & Motorola never seem to care anyway. ACCC / Telecommunication Ombudsman complaints being lodged shortly. Moral: –… Read more »

Joseph D Gould

I think you’re wrong about multitouch not being on new devices for them. They have learnt their lesson with the x10 and seen how it limits desirability of a device.


Are you able to reference your statement to an article or official statement issued by Sony where they specifically say “we have learned our lesson from the x10..”? I’m just trying to establish whether you’re expressing a personal opinion or whether what you have said is factual and can be referenced.