Note: For all new readers, these posts go up so you guys can ask us questions about the device before the review goes up. Hope we cleared that up..

G’day guys, today feels like Christmas for us with the arrival of the Millennius SmartQ that we’ve long been waiting to get our hands on, and the HTC Desire HD which recently hit VHA & Crazy John’s stores, but we thought we’d give you our quick take on both of them. The reviews will be up mid-late next week, so look forward to those if either of these devices interest you!

Big thanks to Millennius & MobiCity for making these reviews happen 🙂

Note: The SmartQ is currently only $199 + free postage for a limited time.

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Lol I agree michael, trying to find anything resembling a.quick take or even evidence that one had even been used… Nothing 🙁


you guys are confusing me, what??


Often Buzz is looking for questions about aspects of the device to guide his review. I don’t read anything in the post about ‘quick takes’? So, if you there’s something you want to know ask away. We can all read specs off a website but how than device feels in hand, responds to touch, performance under certain conditions, etc, etc you can only really get by having the device for a number of days.


The part that confused me was where he said “but we thought we’d give you our quick take on both of them”.

If the whole purpose of this post was solely to gather questions, then why not say that outright? I can see now that has been added to the top of the post as an after-thought, which is fine.


So… Where are the quick takes? From the wording that was used, there was to be a quick take of each phone here, then the full review for each up next week.


ur lazy, what are you on about dude,
its a great price, and the device specs n looks, look pretty good to me. t touch n the optus are not better and more expensive. i just bought one and couldnt wait for the review since the deal ends friday


Thanks for wasting my time.


go to bed loser


I bought one…. Good onya mum hahah

it says upgrades are free, so I guess it will have 2.2


Can anyone please provide us more information about the features ???

is the screen capacitive? what about the cpu ? ram ?



Any word on a 2.2 upgrade? Would be superior to Optus MY Tab & Telstra T-Touch-Tab if it had it.


thx :D, me lazy

Nothing impressive! except the price maybe= forget about it


For $199 free delivery and 8GB memory, Im buying as soon as my mum comes home.
Hurryyyy 🙂