I’ll be the first to admit the Motorola Milestone was a great phone, sure its bootloader was locked up beyond all belief, but its hardware was fantastic. What was the real down-side to the Milestone was how long it took any carrier to bring it to Australia, which lead to its poor sale. Now Motorola are hoping to prevent that from happening again with the Milestone 2, by announcing today that it will be coming ‘down-under’ (I promise I won’t use that term again) in December on both Vodafone (Three?) & Optus.

The Milestone 2, is the Milestone but twice as good.. I think. But here’s some of its key features:

  • Android 2.2
  • 1GHz CPU
  • 3.7″ (854×480) Capacitive Display
  • Hardware QWERTY Keyboard
  • WiFi b/g/n (w/ Tethering)
  • HSPA 900/2100MHz
  • 5MP Camera (w/ 720p recording & dual flash)
  • DLNA

It’s good to see a proper QWERTY keyboard device hit the market, if only Telstra would release one..

Source: AndroidOS.
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Mark Scott

For anyone who is interested, Clove Technology are saying that they are now getting the Milestone 2 today and will be shipping out on the 22nd of November. It’s on their website for £310.00 and Handtec has got it on theirs for £308.99 and will be shippign out next week.

You’ve got options there people!

Matt Coutts

Any comparison between Milestone 2 and Desire HD, or among Milestone 2 and Desire HD and Galaxy S?


I have been agonizing over choosing between the Desire Z and the Milestone 2 for 2 months now. I’ve done my research and my final choice is the Milestone 2. I have never owned a Motorola phone. The reasons are because the M2 comes with 8GB internal and 8GB external memory (as opposed to the 1.5GB internal on the DZ) looks a hell of a lot nicer, the M2 slider seems much more robust than the ‘Z Hinge’ on the DZ and the keyboard has arrow keys (minor argument lol). Oh and if you’re purchasing outright like I am the… Read more »


locked bootloader?


what is a locked bootloader?


Well a locked boot loader is only there to stop custom ROMs and seen as they are plentiful for the Droid 2 I don’t think this is a problem at all.


So did the Milestone ever end up getting Root? Just askin, cause seriously the best thing about Android phones is gaining Root access and then going nuts with ROMS 🙂 I love the look of the Milestone but would be more inclined to try to port a different ROM to it… Blur looks annoying to me…


if you have a choice i would always go HTC, they seem to look after their customers

Mark Scott

Thanks, I’ll bear that in mind. I was initially concerned that according to Pocket-lint (http://www.pocket-lint.com/news/35600/htc-desire-z-vs-motorola-milestone-2)Desire Z won’t support Andriod version 3 but after reading the comments below the articles, most people said that is not true so Desire Z is back in the race!


yeh i myself plan on getting the Desire Z, but might not be able to wait till next year 🙁


Can you do a side by side comparsion between the Milestone 2 and the Desire Z?
I’m now torn between the two of them but Motofail’s comments concern me. Hopefully any bugs that the original Milestone had will have been sorted out by the launch of this device.


the milestone is basically the droid 2


*milestone 2


Hmm, as an ex-milestone 1 owner I would strongly advise against purchasing any moto device let alone another mill, sorry milestone. If you check out the owners forums you get the real picture on the device. Riddled with bugs, and when moto finally got around to fixing them, a whole host of new bugs, my favourite being when the media player would just start on It’s own – like in a meeting – even though the phone was on silent. My milestone couldn’t last more that two and a half hours in the car with gps and screen on, whilst… Read more »


Pretty sure you purchased an overseas Milestone and not one that was tested and approved in Australia.

The one released in Australia did not have the issues you mentioned. What after sales support were you expecting in Australia from a device purchased from Europe just out of interest?


isn’t the global edition supposed to have a 1.2Ghz CPU?


milestone isnt ‘droid global’


furry muff


..blur & locked bootloader


YESSSS! I was thinking of getting the original Milestone, but this is much better!