If you’re an owner of a Galaxy S from Optus, that continually emails me asking “Buzz, where the f**k is the Froyo update for my Galaxy S?!”, you can leave me alone and update your device now!

The update is available through Samsung Kies for your downloading and updating pleasure. Enjoy, and as always, tell us how it goes 🙂

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Simon Carollo

all my posts that is

Simon Carollo

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Simon Carollo

bah custom mod all the way FTW

Jamie Brumpton-Pavlic

why can i not upgrade, im with optus i have kies, but nothing is showing up in the firmware upgrades….?????

Lopao Lopaolo

why what version of android do you have?


Where the f*&k is the Mac version?


How can I get downgrade back to the 2.1 version that came with my Virgin SGS?? Samsung’s 2.2 is just plain crap… I’ve tried everything for the past week – nothing seems to be able to fix the 5x slowdown since upgrading to 2.2 I used to love my SGS, now I hate it… it’s barely even usable as a normal phone as it regularly lags so badly when a call comes in that I can’t even answer it. The lag is so unbearable, it’s as good as a paper weight right now. On a positive note (for Virgin really),… Read more »


I’m not kidding – every time I pick up the phone now and try to do anything on it, it always ends with me having to try really hard to stop myself from throwing it against the wall…


If you want, you can voodoo lag fix it. Head over to XDA deveolopers and lag fix your phone.

It’s strange how some people reported slowdowns. My Froyo was actually very fast.

Aside from that, if you don’t want to do that, I think your only option would be to flash the rom back to 2.1 which requires Odin.

Up to you.


Crappy phone, have not being recommending it to friends. I go to get it to work with kies and all the phone does is flicker between the usb symbol and a blank screen, and kies never picks it up. Any ideas?? i thought i might do a factory restore.


I want to go back to 2.1.

Since I updated to 2.2 (had to do factory reset after months of frustration with Kies) everything lags really bad. The browser crashes on a regular basis and the phone just feels unresponsive.

Now the phone wont connect to Kies again and when I connect in mass storage mode, things just go wonky with Windows.

I am regretting this purchase and am recommending everyone to go with the Desire.


I have an Optus Samsung Galaxy S. Yesterday I decided that even though my Kies said I couldn’t upgrade I was going to get to the bottom of this. I had updated… uninstalled… reinstalled everything the only thing I hadn’t tried was to install the lastest Kies on a different PC… What do you know on the different PC it showed up that I could upgrade. YES….. Mmmmm everything is about the same speed wise… There is really good improvements. Flash, message icon on keypad, more space to drag to alpha on address book, search on contacts etc… but I… Read more »


Damn it! the more I use it, the more I hate it – takes 5 times longer to boot up, and then that’s only to let you into home – after that it takes about 30min before the phone is usable – even then everything is slower and just plain painful to do anything other than slide between home screens – waiting for apps to load, or settings screens to show up take so long that the phone locks (and I have that set to 2min, not the original 30 seconds). This sucks! Seriously, is there anyway for me to… Read more »


Couldn’t help myself and wasted a couple hours backing up everything with Titanium Backup and SMS Backup + … then stuffed around with kies for a while before finally getting it to Download the 2.2 update to my phone (Virgin Mobile). I didn’t need to unroot – though I had to un-lagfix it 😉 After a lot of freezing etc it finally started to work again – all my apps and contacts etc still there – only thing was the apps were re-ordered into alphabetical order, making it a bit hard to find things 😉 and of course default home… Read more »


well 3 months of waiting and now i can’t update. screw you optus and virgin. if i did this to my customers i would be out of business. Samsung i have told all my mates to buy a desire now. you have totally lost me as a repeat buyer. that’s the only way i can’t make a difference. i suggest you all do the same thing. i will take the phone in to the shop now and chuck a fit in front of all there customers. f*ck you sgs


hmmm… I’m not sure whether I should update it or not – currently running 2.1 (on Virgin, so no bloatware)… I’ve installed the one-click-lagfix and it’s very fast. GPS seems fine to me – navigation works great in my car. Only thing I can think of that I’d like 2.2 for is Flash support, but do I really need it?? I believe the update was a much bigger deal for the US since they didn’t have a lot of the features in their 2.1 as we seem to have – many of the reviews I read on the 2.2 update… Read more »


Blah, got an optus galaxy s…on optus and won’t update. I’ve got the latest kies and it’s saying it can’t be updated…


I started the upgrade process on friday. Re-installed kies, backed up my data (as you should anyway) and started the installation process. 15 mins after the firmware download my phone was still showing digging android and no blue bar. called optarse, they transferred me to samsung. From there, a “driver recovery” in kies, and a reboot of phone and pc, process finished properly. It feels faster and less laggy. Dont like the website tabs or the <<<<<>>>>>, liked it clear and instructionless to confuse people :P. Audio input sux balls too. vlingo was better, but it was still a bit… Read more »


Confirmed. I got Froyo on Friday night for my Virgin phone. Worked fine.


Froyo is available for virgin phone. Be patient when downloading. Mine work perfectly.


READ THIS BEFORE UPDATING! You know the dreaded ‘black screen of death’ problem some Optus users have described above, well i had it after updating my SGS. The problem is that after applying the update, the phone restarts, goes throug the SGS and 3 logos fine, then stops on a black screen with the touch buttons lit up and does nothing more. Even if you remove the battery and reset the phone it will go to the same state. Luckily for me, i had the 3BR fix applied so i was able to restart the phone into the start menu… Read more »


Guys i can confirm that the Froyo update is available now for 3 customers on Kies!


Updated mine yesterday, Optus branded phone on Virgin plan. Kies running on W7 64bit (Linux user, had to build up the box just to run kies, how annoying). Kies initially said no update available on 30/11. Updated kies on 1/12 and it saw the firmware update. Update went smoothly after that, was a bit of a worry when the phone rebooted to the pulsing ‘S’ for about 10 minutes but it finally started up. After the update: – all home screens blank, except all the optus shortcuts were back and i had to delete them once again. – some alert… Read more »


Just do a factory reset and it will be much faster.


My Galaxy S has been running like a one-legged dog since upgrading to 2.2

Takes 5 min to startup, can brew a cup of coffee between words using Swype, and its now taken another 6 minutes of my life to tell all of you about it!

Life was easier with eclair


Kies is just awful. 2 nights of mucking around, still no froyo. The version on the au website is not the latest. Install, then update. Update gets stuck at extracting 50%. Get a different link, download latest. Errors installing drivers. Removed long file names, Drivers installed. Had windows 7 32 bit recognising the phone, but kies telling me to connect in pc studio mode. This is not an available option. Made sure about phone>usb settings was on kies Connecting device…. NOTHING Uninstall and reinstall kies. Now nothing at all. Kies is the most amateurish, buggy software I’ve ever had the… Read more »


I feel your pain. I have actually got kies to recognise the phone. Could have been from turning it off & On. It is now in the middle of upgrade but taking a while & I am starting to worry. Your right the whole thing is SHIT.

Demon Rob

loaded kies onto 32bit pc after earlier only getting one of two phones updating on the 64bit computer.
Got the can’t update message since the newly loaded Kies didnt update itself.
Got the not enough power message.
Finally update worked.


So your saying we are onto something here. I am currently putting Kies on other laptop before I try for update. will post the outcome.


Don’t know if this has been mentioned elsewhere but just rang samsung help. They said the computer must be running a 32bit system or Kies will not work.
Maybe this is why people are switching to other computers & having success. I will try myself later.

Demon Rob

sorry, not true, or certainly not true for all phones.
updated one phone fine on Windows7 64bit. The other – no.
so yes, it does work on 64bit.

but I’ve tried everything else, so its onto the 32bit machine next…

Demon Rob

ok, embarrasment for me, 32bit computer it does see the bad phone. unbelievable.
especially when the 64bit works for the galaxy S phone.

but then it follows up with – “This device’s version cannot be updated”, as others have noted.


bricked my phone… Optus… Kies… Samsung…


no update virgin :(….but does anyone know if this update will fix the 3 button recovery?


Success! Finally got my phone talking to Kies – apparently it just couldn’t cope with the fact that I didn’t have an external SD card. Once I plugged one in, Kies worked fine, and the update went through with no problems – all I had to do was re-add my widgets to the home screen.

(This was on an Optus-branded phone on Virgin – now running firmware 2.2, baseband I9000DTJP3, build FROYO.DTJP5)

Demon Rob

good theory, just tried it by pinching the sd card from my wife’s phone, but no luck.

her phone upgraded no worries, mine once upon a time could talk to Kies but no longer. tried all the theories now; including the factory reset, removing battery, etc, but no go.

Can a Virgin store do the upgrade or will the phone need to be returned to Samsung? Anyone had experience with this?


If your phone is branded Optus, you should be able to update now.

If your phone is unbranded, you cannot upgrade to 2.2 at all right now. Giving it to Virgin/Samsung won’t do anything.


have you deleted all the files will more then 16 characters after the last dot? it seems to be a bit of a bug but it worked for me, if you google it you will find a exe program that helps you find them


I’m still getting “This device’s version cannot be upgraded.” – on Virgin as well, and I have an external SD card. Phone is talking to Kies, but I’m not using the latest version of Kies – will report back if updating that works.

Demon Rob

phone is via virgin, but has the Optus identification coding.
but can’t even connect into Kies, so that isnt even coming into play.

no 16chars after last . since it was factory reset.

other phone worked, so its the phone unfortunately.


Have to ship my phone to samsung because the upgrade effed up my phone, yay!


wow im just not the only one that stuffed at my phone, i sent my phone to my dealers and they said it was a first, for the SGS to be bricked. they thought i was trying to jailbreak. zzz Kies is a stupid program bricking my phone


The store you went to must be idiots when i was talking to samsung she said I was the 12th person to have this happen to them today already.


bricked my phone, had to do a factory reset and lost everything! …on the flip side it was well worth it.!


finally ow currently downloading the update cant wait to finish thank god !!!!!


I’m on Optus and got my update last night

It took long enough but I’m happy that I have it now

Bad luck to those who are not on Optus and can’t get the update yet


I’m on virgin, and there is definitely no update available. I’m seriously sick of waiting for Froyo, but I guess better late than never.


I’m a linux user but I installed windows on a spare PC just to run Kies. After updating Kies to the latest version, I get the following when I try and do a firmware upgrade:
Current Version: PDA:JG4 / PHONE:JG3 / CSC:JG2
This device’s version cannot be updated.

How annoying! Has anyone managed to run the update with Virgin?


im on virgin and I’m having the exact same problem. Remind me never to buy a samsung again


Also on Virgin. Same deal here, no update to speak of. Very very dissapointed at the timelyness (or rather the lack there of) of said update. We’ll be lucky to get it BEFORE my mates phones have 2.3. I’d have never put money on telstra beating another carrier to the punch … but there you have it. Wouldn’t put it past optus to be pissing in my face for not being on them for their premium “service”. Installing a custom rom gets more tempting every passing day, buying another samsung, less so. Really hoping google pulls a rabbit out of… Read more »


Go to settings, about phone, & then USB settings. set to samsung Kies


i have done that…its not connected…however when i press firmware upgrade nothing happens…nothing opens up…should i close down kies and re-open then try again?


who knows. its a total disaster. I would only be guessing if I said anything more.


Exact same thing was happening to me. I think it might be because I probably disabled the auto update at some point. Jumped on a different PC and installed kies fresh. it then offered me the update and everything was simple from there. If you dont have another PC to try it on then uninstalling and reinstalling sounds like a good idea. Good luck.


I agree. Have been trying for ages to get it to recognise the phone. Updated to latest version last week. Tried everything tonight with no luck. Think I might Uninstall Kies & reinstall in the morning. Samsung need to do something about it.


What does it mean with Kies saying the following:

Please reconnect the devie in Samsung Kies (PC Studio) mode. The currect connection mode is not supported by Kies…

Does anyone know what this means….some help needed, not the wised at this stuff.



have u put the phone in kies mode


Sounds like you’ve installed PC studio – not necessary for upgrading. you only need kies.


Mine was flawless – once I could FINALLY coax kies to update! My Process. 1. Backup everything with MyBackup Pro. 2. Remove lagfix & tools. 3. Unroot. 4. Kies does the rest. I reckon it’s almost on par with the Tab. SGS & SGT pretty much share the same internals (SOC) & OS. Tab is rooted with z4root just for unfettered access, lagfix is totally unnecessary, I suspect the SGS will not need a lagfix now it is also running 2.2. So far it’s not quite as slippery as the Tab navigating through apps, gallery, etc. Flicking through App draw… Read more »


Have I mentioned how much I HATE Kies… seriously… it’s the most ridiculously useless POS program any manufacturer has made you rely on since Sony and the MiniDisc days… I’m pretty sure that removing my own eyelids with a piece of paper would be less painful than dealing with this software!!


I have finished the upgrade now 🙂 and it works just fine.
I haven’t lost any of my applications.
Contacts are intact.

I did root my SGS before, this didn’t stop the upgrade.
I didn’t flash my mobile before.
I downloaded kies from Samsung website, after the installation it performed an update. the current version I have is

All the best with your upgrade.


Stupid update bricked my phone :l have to ring samsung in the morning. Sometimes I wish I’d just gone with the iPhone even though i love andriod.


I have Kies V1.5.1.10062 (19.9.2010). This says its the latest update. I with Optus and i have pressed firmware update but says it can’t connect to the server. What do i do??? If someone could please reply and let me know???


Hey kc,

it worked great…much appreicate it…trying to download now…

let ya know


Ta da! Home screen 🙂 Dead easy once I could get kies to update.


Thanks mate 🙂 I notice you took delivery of SOMETHING?!?! today.


Update in progress, nervous… update complete, phew… device reboots, stuck on big S symbol, oh oh *bites nails*…

simon cohen

Is there a difference between using Kies or NPS (new PC Studio) firmware updater?


Thanx man. couldn’t install the drivers so I’m trying on another PC… aha! installing update now…


Can someone please post a link to the updated kies v On the update page samsung only has v I’m wondering if they’ve pulled the update?!?!

Fozen Yoghurt 2.2

it will update itself to


So basically I’m screwed. No Mac Kies and no support for Windows 7 64 bit.

What the fuck do they expect us to do?


I use Windows 7 64 bit! and it just work fine 4me


I managed to get it to work on Windows 7 64-bit.

Two month old Galaxy S, no flashing or rooting or custom firmware.

It didn’t work for me for ages, but then I uninstalled Kies and reinstalled it, and suddenly it found the update and applied it.

I’m noticing my phone is a lot smoother now, less hiccuping and skipping when things get busy. I’m told 2.2 improves the GPS performance, too, but I haven’t tried it yet.


Thankyou buzz, worked a charm. Loving froyo so far.


Cool, Hay guys what about Optus widget? does it work :\