With the Motorola Defy well and truly announced, and even available from some sneaky retailers, any one looking for a tough smartphone will be glad to know that the Defy will be available from Telstra Stores (as well as all the usual retailers) tomorrow for $0 on the Telstra $49 cap which includes 1GB of data.

If you’re not currently familiar with the Defy, it’s a 3.7″ device running Android 2.1 that is fully water and dust resistant, so it can take elements of nature head on. If you guys are interested we might even put together a little review.

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El Sledgo

I’ve picked up one of these bad boys from overseas. Eclair 2.1 isn’t that bad a dealbreaker, and the fact Froyo has been announced for Q2 next year is going to be sweet. Build quality is excellent and I’ve already put the ruggedness to the test in my kitchen sink and into a jug of water 🙂 This is the ultimate “party trick” phone, and I’m expecting telstra to sell them by the truckload if they market it well. MotoBlur “ninja” isn’t as bad as people make it out to be, and I’ve not noticed any performance issues, even on… Read more »


nice little phone, went to check it out today at my local T-Life store and it’s really solid, very smooth, granted not really a fan of the MotoBLUR UI/Widgets, regardless it’s a great phone and only $600 outright…. cheaper than Mobicity!


2.2 in 2nd quarter 2011


I’d like to see a review, i’d be interested in it’s performance and when/if it would be getting 2.2


Buzz, do a review, then a giveaway! Better yet let me do a review, which would mean handing the phone over to my wife to use for a week, she is a one person phone wrecking machine… She could really put the phone through it’s paces


Yo Buzza,

If you can do a review on the Defy, that will be wikkid. It looks like a cool phone.


Please put up a review! What’s the RRP?


$600 outright from T-Life/Telstra stores…. awesome price if you ask me!




Although it’s a nice looking phone and the ruggedness is very appealing,
anything less than Froyo is a total deal killer for me. WiFi tethering is a must-have on my list.

Gary W

I agree – would you buy a computer with Windows 98?


@Gary W, no but I’d buy a PC with Windows XP.


FYI – The Defy has Wifi Hotspot


Would be nice if it came out for Verizon


dooo eeet