When you, yes you, purchased a Nexus One, you expected Google to shove the latest Android release onto your device as soon as humanly or Androidededly possible, and that is exactly what’s going to happen, as long as it’s not delayed by Vodafone. Android Central wrote up in a post that Android Developer, Reto Meier, Tweeted today that the Nexus One is getting the update in a ‘few weeks’.

I think it’s safe to say it might not make it to you in time for Christmas, but if it does, Google has your present all wrapped up. We’ve reached out to Vodafone for any comments on the update availability.

Source: Android Central.
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Andrew Sweeting

Got via OTA on Friday last (in London)


Just received 2.2.1 update from Vodafone on my nexus one.


Not happy with vodafone, love my nexus one but feeling a little shafted with the lack of support from voda

Andreas Koepke

… and here I am still waiting for 2.2 on my Voda HTC Legend.

How the heck can Vodafone in the UK and Europe release 2.2 but everyone else still has to wait.


Vodafone N1s are already behind everyone else as they are yet to receive the FRG83 and FRG83D updates. Therefore I’m not hopeful about getting 2.3 anytime soon =( I have no idea why this is though because when Voda put out 2.2 OTA it was the stock build (FRF91) and hence it would seem Voda hadn’t made any alterations (there is no branding or pre-installed apps from Voda). So why the delay?!?! I’d rather not root my N1, but I will if Voda are too lazy to push out updates. It’d be awesome if Android Australia could get some info… Read more »


I’m sure it would be delayed further from VF, so if necessary I’ll root (firmware void) and flash the stock google firmware to my nexus.