Today at D: Dive Into Mobile, Android Founder/Father, Andy Rubin, decided to just whip out a spare unreleased MotoTAB he had lying around to show us that 2.3 is good, but Android 3.0 is going to be great, and it’s going to be even better for Tablet owners. 3.0, or Honeycomb, is going to add full support for Tablet devices, these features will no doubt be enhanced past 3.0, but we’re pretty happy to see a Tablet-friendly Android in the works.

Android 3.0 make better use of all that extra screen real estate, which cool two-pane apps, such as the Gmail App shown above.

As for the MotoTAB, it’s ~10″ has a nVidia (Tegra 2?) dual core 3D CPU and is ready to kick ass early next year. Get excited peeps, there’s going to be a lot happening in regards to Android Tablets come CES in January.

Source: Engadget.
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Gingerbread – meh. Honeycomb – YUM!

Really looking forward to this. Hopefully my Dell Streak will receive it sometime on the next ten years LOL


If this MotoTAB is being used as an example for some features in Honeycomb and it’s due early next year, does that mean we’ll hopefully be seeing 3.0 as early as then?
Here’s hoping. Makes me wonder about the wisdom of picking up the Adam potentially (if it can’t be confirmed as updateable to 3.0).


Excited indeed, after playing with a galaxy tab today I am interested in a tablet droid