With all the talk of Sony Ericsson and their consistently slow roll outs of Android updates, along comes the Official Sony Ericsson blog. As well as stating things like the name of the processor and GPU the Arc is going to use, it also states that the Android 2.4 photo that was snapped on a prototype Arc, was in fact, a “misconfiguration”. However the thing that caught my eye was the following:

It’s too early to officially give detailed comments around specific later Android versions for Xperia arc during its lifecycle but the changes we have made to our way of working with Android puts us in a good position to make sure that Xperia arc will get later versions in a timely manner.

Now, that to me says, “we ain’t promising anything, but we know we suck at updates, but we will try and do better” Let’s just hope, that after taking forever to update existing Xperia handsets, they have learnt their lesson. Fingers crossed.

Source: Engadget.
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if they want to fix their update mistakes, then use vanilla android. automatic update from Google guarantee!!!!


X10 is still waiting. why not start with that mistake sony

Lucas Burnett

Agreed, they need to prove to the community they can fix their mistakes before i start believing them


My money is still not going to sony. instead ill put my money with some1 like htc who has much better history with updating their phones.