It seems Sony Ericsson is very good at having their new devices leak out quite early (just see the ‘PlayStation Phone’ for example). This time it’s what appears to be the next generation X10 Mini Pro which is rumoured to have a 3″ (320×480) display, 1GHz CPU with independent GPU so it’s going to be fast, as well as a confirmed HD recording camera (at least 5MP) with LED flash. Little else is known about the device, but we expect it to launch at Mobile World Congress next month, alongside some new phones and possibly a Tablet. Another pic after the break.

Source: BGR.
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I still have my K800i. I wish they’d stop protyping and actually creating phones that aren’t all that advanced. Adding a touch screen and removing basic functionalities (eg: Xenon flash with LED for video ala K850i) doesn’t fly with me. Why can’t they put in a damned xenon flash AND an LED for video? This phone would be near perfect… Assuming they get on top of the software updates.


I love it!!! Can’t wait!

Lucas Burnett

according to Phandroid, specs are – Qualcomm MSM 7230 processor clocked at 800MHz and 384MB of RAM – only a slight bump up in specs


They’ve shown devices running it so I would expect it to launch with gingerbread tbh. Anything less will be a bit of a cop out I think.

Lucas Burnett

I really like the current X10 mini pro, i thought it was a nice little handset and i think SE did a good job skinning Android to fit the smaller screen.


The speed will be very welcome when it launches probably with Eclair once Honeycomb has been released… seriously why does anyone bother with SE Android phones. If you haven’t learnt the lesson from the current crop of outdated poorly supported phones then you’ve got rocks in your head


I completely agree with you but as an owner of a X10 Mini Pro I have to say they are just damn good phones regardless.


Very powerful little thing.