NVIDIA’s Tegra Roadmap for 2011 has leaked out and has excited everybody. With Tegra 2 the current powerhouse in the Android Tablet and Phone space, Tegra 2.5 and 3 look to blow it out of the water when they are launched later this year.

Tegra 2 3D (2.5) will bring the dual-core speed up to 1.2GHz with full support for 3D displays which we’ll be seeing come into the market later this year. Tegra 3 will bump to cores up to 4 and clockspeed up to a whopping 1.5GHz with 3x faster graphics, Blu-ray playback, ultra low-power mode (ULP) and support for screen resolutions upto 1920×1200. The phone version of Tegra 3 will also be bumped up to quad cores and support screens up to 1366×768. Tegra 3 will no doubt be the show stopper come CES 2012. We can’t wait.

Source: Android Community.
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Gary W

Is this the same Nvidia that struggles to provide Linux drivers for its range of video cards, refusing to get free help from competent developers by releasing them as open source?

I’ll wait for version 3.1, thanks all the same.

Julian Hutchison

yep, definitely overkill! I mean dual core phones only just got announced recently (e.g. LG Optimus X2), this is just a bit much! …..unless somehow a new type of mobile battery is being developed alongside these using a different tech to hold more battery life in a standard 1300mAH sized battery….. only THEN will I consider a a Tegra 3 powered phone!


this would be insane, they wouldnt develop a fone thats overkill, they would have to have a phone that can atleast go a day of medium to heavy use.


I wonder what size manufacturing process these will be using.
My main worry for a quad core in a mobile is (as stated earlier by other people) battery life, and heat output.

I wonder if we will start seeing heatsinks on the back of phones 🙂


Wow, i’d rather have more battery life on a snapdragon than 4 Cores in a mobile, its just overkill.


well people claim that quad cores can actually consume less power at performing the same task. See, a snapdragon running at its peak of 1Ghz will consume more power that four cores running at 250Mhz. Thats cuz as the frequency increases, the power consumption increases exponentially.
PS. look im replying to myself. actually its just two differen Dylans. 🙂


But a single 1GHZ core is more powerful than 4 cores @250mhz.


Don’t mean to poo poo, but battery life on a quad core mobile device with that res screen may very well not last the day, so pointless for a mobile phone, but may be ok for netbooks or pads..


That is insane.

I’m glad I got my SGS in 2010. Can’t believe that there may be 1366×768 resolution, quad-core cpu mobiles in 2012!