Sony Ericsson’s newest kid on the block, the Gingerbread packing, Xperia Arc is starting to really make the rounds, this time demoed by Italian site,, their weapon of choice? YouTube. The videos total about 30 minutes of exhaustive previewing of the handsets. They have managed to get a hold of a silver and black version of the Arc and do show off almost every angle of the handset.

The once phone engulfing, Timescape and Mediascape skin has finally gone in favour of a few nice widgets, which in turn relieves the handset of excess work, effectively speeding up the handset in a very huge way. From what I can see from this video, the Arc is blazingly fast, almost ridiculously fast. Is this the type of handsets we can expect from Sony Ericsson from now on? If so I think they can bring a lot of customers back into the Sony Ericsson stable… updates are definitely the clincher though. Hit the break for the English video.

Source: Engadget.
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Silver is snazzy


How do you say, ‘No way in hell, Sony’ in Japanese? Man, I used to love Sony because of the quality of their products. But everytime I see the word Sony now, it reminds me of the ‘2.1 is the final update’ fiasco.


The reason they didn’t go beyond 2.1 is because timescape and mediascape were so deeply integrated, and they have strongly hinted that it won’t be the case in future (ie, updates will be timely). Changing both applications to widgets seems to confirm this. I wouldn’t dismiss the Arc so quickly – I think Sony learnt a valuable lesson from the X10 debacle

Lucas Burnett

I feel the same way. I think Sony Ericsson have learned a valuable lesson with their existing range of Android handsets. I just hope they dont make more mistakes.


learning to fix timescape 1 brownie point. learning to update in a timely manner or to support their products? don’t hold your breath