What you’re seeing above is the suspected HTC ‘Saga’ which is rumoured to be the Desire 2. The photos were snapped in Taiwan (HTC’s homeland) and show the Saga looking a little bit like the HTC 7 Mozart and HTC Legend mixed together, with its unibody design. I personally think HTC’s current design (since the Nexus One) has been played out and they need to move onto something a little bit more premium looking, but when you’re a company making billions of dollars every quarter, you’re certainly not going to change what’s working for you.

You can expect to see the same old 480×800 display that looks to be between 3.7-4″, front facing camera, rear 720p shooting camera w/ flash as well as second mic for noise cancellation. We’ll be seeing this device, along with heaps more, revealed at MWC in just over a week.

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same old 800×480.. not a bad thing, its still a very high resolution, my computers monitor is only about double that, and its 7 times the size.


1080p on a 15 inch? man my 46 inch tele is 1080p.


if they ever go past 720p on phones i will cry


I just want one!

Agree with trev…flush buttons are a pain. I hope it carries a trackpad as well… I seldom use the pad on my Deisre, but it is a handy device to have available. My mate wishes his Mozart7 had one, as he is sick of having to re-key long url’s due to one or two typo’s. No trackpad = no scroll capability…

Will be watching hard for this device!! 🙂


Looks nice, would need killer specs to beat the desire. Hope it doesn’t have the flush buttons like Mozart, makes games impossible

Julian Hutchison

I cannot wait till MWC!

really looking forward to see what’s gonna be announced for this year, especially any Tegra 2, Android handsets! 😀