If your one of those people who didn’t want to get up at sparra fart this morning or one of those people who just slept through their alarm, like myself (I made it up! – Buzz), then you can now watch the Android event in all its glory. Google has put the 52 minute Android fest, up on YouTube for your viewing pleasure. Packed full of Honeycomb, Motorola’s Xoom, in-app purchases and the new Android Market website. ¬†We have the video baked right in after the break. HIT IT!

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I have been putting off buying a tablet ………. until this.
This looks absoutely great and I now plan to get an Android tablet to go with my HTC Desire.
Great work Google !!!!


CNN dude needs to get rid of the comb over, man that’s bad hair.


Not bad. Not a fan of in app purchasing though – double dipping for the greedy (unless I am reading it wrong).
It amuses me that, with all the anti Apple talk from Android fans on the web, Google themselves are using a Mac. I like the fact that they were brave enough to do that.
Still early days, I’m looking forward to seeing what they’ll come up with next.


In app purchasing does offer options. One can write free music browser app that could perhaps offer a way to purchase and download music onto your device. Or books… or any other type of goods.


Point taken


or more importantly enable and simplify micro payments for games such as MMO’s and RPG…or habbo hotel copies a method of gaming payments that is booming in asian coutries and catching on fast elsewhere


Sounds great, but ehhh 50 minutes, ehh