Vodafone have confirmed to us via Twitter, and on their website, that the Nexus S that they stock will be using Super Clear LCD technology instead of Super AMOLED. Why? Well we all know Samsung has some stuff in the pipeline that they are going to need parts for, and as we’ve learnt from the past, when new stuff comes out, older products lose some of their better features.

Before we all get up in arms about how Samsung has failed us and how Super Clear LCD is the worst thing to hit the earth compared to Super AMOLED, it does have some positives. It’s extremely clear (bet you didn’t see that coming), has great visibility in sunlight, quite vibrant compared to normal LCD and won’t suck too much of the life out of your battery. So let’s just give it a chance shall we? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: Vodafone.
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I don’t get why Google decided to have their next phone on hardware comparable to the phones already out.

In a couple of months, the dual core and probably 1GB Ram phones will roll out and make the Nexus S obsolete.


I agree.


boo! Samsung’s the biggest drawcard for me was that gorgeous SAMOLED screen. good thing there’s be lots of competition by the end of the year


this is a test


It would be really interesting to see the LCD and the OLED versions side-by-side.




No. i want super AMOLED. :p


Not really. I have noticed that when it comes to technology no one listens to what Australia has to say. not to mention we always get second best.