Vodafone have just announced via their blog that Nexus S stock has hit stores and now available for purchase. The Android 2.3 toting device will set you back $70/mo on Vodafone’s Infinite Caps, but hey, if you’re a real Android fan this is your kind of phone. Our review unit will be in Chris’ hands any day now, so if you’re after our review, it’ll be out soon. Hit the source link to head over to Vodafone’s blog.

Source: Vodafone Blog.
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Ilija Vrtaric

they also have the ‘Pearl White’ Nexus S which was a Vodafone UK exclusive…

I should be getting one soon (in black of course!) 🙂


you can get the nexus s for as little as $44 on the $29 vodafone cap. not recommending, just sayin

Ilija Vrtaric

that’d be per month, so that comes to $1056.00 not including the cap, whereas it’s $699 outright from Vodafone…. or thanks to close connections of mine, $525 outright 😉