In what we’d call the most useless teaser of the year, Samsung attempt to talk up their upcoming 8.9″ Galaxy Tab. The device itself is hardly show in any detail with quick flashes of computer generated renders the closest we come to the real thing. From the last render we see, it looks as though it’ll be in the shape of an iPad, but we could be wrong. It also doesn’t terribly thin like in the last teaser picture we saw. We’ll certainly find out next Tuesday when it’s launched at CTIA in the US. What do you guys think? Is 8.9″ the perfect size for you?

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Matthew McNutt

That looks like the 7″ model in their hands

Comparing it to my one here

Maybe they’re going to announce a honeycomb update for us 7″ early adopters?

Dylan Waghorne

fucking teasers, so useless

Lincoln Black

My Galaxy S is as big as I’d want anything that I always carry on my person. Any bigger and it won’t easily fit in my pocket for starters, and my thumb wont reach from one side of the screen to the other! I’ve been thinking about both the 10.1″ and 8.9″ versions, and having now seen what it looks like in hand and the relative scale of it, I think it’ll still be a little phone-like – like, experiencing the world wide web through a little portal. I’ve got a little portal for that, the Galaxy S, if I’m… Read more »

Tomas Donovic

I thought the tablet that the people are holding in their hands was a 1st gen galaxy tab, b/c that is what they look like from the side.

Adrian Greig

Curious to know what size is best. Tech companies are getting very good at getting people believe they can’t do without extra gadgets to survive. We apparently now need a laptop/computer, a phone and now even a tablet if we are to live our lives to the fullest and be productive. I’m curious to know if the Samsung range of tablets allow for actual phone calling. I saw in a tech mag (T3 Aus?) the 10 inch one has proper calling, SMS, etc with a Vodaphone sim. If this is true of their range I might be swayed in trialling… Read more »