Update: It didn’t take long to get some more info on this one. It seems there is definitely a Red variant floating around, hence the updated image, and also it doesn’t seem it will be a Virgin exclusive. Thanks for the update.

We received this little tidbit of info along with our Optus Atrix/Xoom rumour we posted. We didn’t post it then, however, as we didn’t want to have a day full of rumours, and also, we wanted to see if we could confirm the info.

We haven’t been able to confirm it as much as we would like, so take it with a pinch of salt. Coming off the back of Optus getting the Motorola Defy in their exclusive white colour, it seems Virgin have jumped on board and are going to be taking the red and hopefully pumping it out on a 39 Easy Cap, with fingers pointing to sometime next month — that is also not confirmed yet. The thing that doesn’t add up in my eyes is I can’t seem to find a picture of a red variant of the Defy. So fact or fiction? Time will tell I’ll assume, got some info to support this rumour? Drop us a line in the comments or via email.

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David Anderton

If it wasn’t moto then it would be worth it. we need some rugged android phones! I for one would like a cheap waterproof phone i could use when out on the boat.


 What does the red colour look like? I have a black variant on my desk with a red back bezel. Or is that what Telstra currently sells?

Lucas Burnett

From what we have heard, it’s just the band around the outside, similar to the white one. The updated photo gives you an indication.