Here at Ausdroid we’d been given some pretty unconfirmed information from people in the past few weeks regarding the HTC Sensation on Telstra. Today we’ve had it confirmed by multiple people in the know and we’re pretty darn excited about it, though you can still add salt as required. We’ve been told the HTC Sensation will launch on Telstra in the coming weeks (possibly next month) with an announcement in the not too distant future.

Update: We’ve heard the Wildfire S and Desire S will launch May 24th.

To more concrete news: we’ve been told the Desire S and Wildfire S, which was on the Telstra provisioning system, are both going to launch on Telstra very, very soon, so we’ll keep our eyes and ears open for an announcement of either one. Though I can see the launch of the Sensation overshadowing the launch of both the Desire S and Wildfire S, so these two should be announced a bit before the Sensation. With all that in mind, who has their eyes on any of these phones from Telstra?

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patiently waiting for the sensation….time is going by very slowly….


$649 outright for HTC Desire S from Telstra. $5/month on $59 plan.Available from the 31st May, 3mth exclusive.


I ordered the Desire (in error my daughter wanted another Desire HD2 .. no longer available).  I called the next day and cancelled…no problems.

AND yes there is a cooling off period.  I believe even if you receive the phone so long as you don’t UNSEAL the box you can return it (restocking fee or whatever they like to call it chargeable)


HD2 is terrible. Looking at that phone makes me cry.


I just signed up today with Telstra for the Desire… I didn’t realise they were doing the S soon… Spent so long researching phones with different carriers but when they called today I figured that with their better coverage where I am, and my desperate need for a phone, that I should just get the Desire. I hope I can call and change it? It was approved pending me paying a very old unknown Telstra balance, so technically I guess I could cancel that one and sign up again once I’ve paid, in a few weeks. Surely it will be… Read more »

Ben Guthrie

If it was only yesterday, you should be within the statutory cooling off period I would hope for your sake and can cancel the agreement. It varies from state to state and can depend on whether you called them or they called you.
Read the following thread on whirlpool and some suggest you have 24 hours but cooling off can be up to 10 days. I would act on this today if you want to get out of it. Let us know how you get on…Good Luck!

Andrew James Pascoe

Any Updates???


Re the Sensation.
From the Mobicity Website
3G     Yes
Next G Compatible     No
Would it really go to Telstra if it’s not next g compatible ? 

Ben Guthrie

Telstra would be getting the global version. Sensation specs being sold on the Vodafone UK are compatible with the Telstra Next G (HSDPA 850 Mhz) click on Data and Connectivity Tab.


Telstra will not sell a phone these days without an 850 chipset

Glyn Stuckey

It’s either the Sensation or the Samsung Galaxy S II for me, to replace my iPhone 3GS.  I’d prefer the Sensation, but it’s now up to Telstra….


 I spoke to Telstra, the Desire S and the Motorola Atrix are out in a June. No sign of the Sensation. Which will be a far superior phone

Jake Oliver

But…. locked bootloader.


Desire S is due for Telstra release shortly but you wont see it on shelves until very late May, early June. Wildfire S woll not be launched at the same time and is at least a few weeks away. Havent heard anything about the Sensation though. Also I wouldnt take any notice of whats in Telstras provisioning system. Theres stuff in there that was never released by telstra, our even ever existed.


i just hope it doesnt come with all the telstra garbage, like foxtel, sensis, white pages, yellow pages etc..


 One of these is my next phone. I want 2.3 am prepared to buy outright.


 It will be interesting to see what plan Telstra put the Sensation on. Hopefully not something ridiculous


i’d be buying it outright personally, the plan is almost guaranteed to be ridiculous. 


 great work again ausdroid… was tempted to get this baby form mobicity and use on virgin, but this mother needs next g….


 is the sensation exclusive or will other carriers get it too?

Buzz Moody

Haven’t received confirmation on this, though if previous devices are anything to go by, there will be some type of exclusivity. 


Hey Buzz, can we still expect the sensation to be released from telstra in the coming weeks? I havent heard any updates from anywhere.


 Although i love the build quality of the HTC’s Sense has put me off ever since i used it on the HTC Hero way back when.

Buzz Moody

Fair enough. Sense UI is the king of resource consumption. 

David Anderton

 better than touchwiz or Motoblur


You can turn Blur off. Easy.


You can turn Blur off. Easy.