Only recently we brought to your attention the push from HTC users to have HTC unlock boot-loaders of recent devices.

It seems that HTC have heard the call.

Announced on their Facebook page this morning was their official end to locking boot-loaders. Whether this means that existing devices with locked boot-loaders will also receive some freedom remains to be seen, but this is the most positive sign yet. HTC’s Peter Chou has said:

There has been overwhelmingly customer feedback that people want access to open bootloaders on HTC phones. I want you to know that we’ve listened. Today, I’m confirming we will no longer be locking the bootloaders on our devices. Thanks for your passion, support and patience.

Now we just have to wait and see whether Motorola will step up as well – they’ve said they probably will, but HTC’s answer today is far more definite.

Source: HTC's Facebook Page.
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David Anderton

Good news, hopefully its retroactive


Great news……. The only question is are they going to unlock the devices that have been locked already?

Chris Rowland

Here’s hoping so.


Welcome back to my radar HTC.

Buzz Moody

Party at my place tonight to celebrate this momentous occasion.


im coming.
free SGS2 or sensation giveaways? :p

Buzz Moody

No but I’ll pay someone to take the Atrix.


Really. I’ll take the atrix off you man.


Does any one know about the NAND and kernel? they happily left that out? unlocked bootloader is great. i hope the nand and kernel are unlocked too.


hope they will unlock my incredible s or give us the key. willing to flash custom rom

Julian Pinget

even if they don’t, someone will find how to do it – just keep an eye on the xda forums (in any case, going by other manufacturers’ standards, it will probably be up on workaround forums before HTC publishes a guide)


i check xda every day from Feb. since xtc clip works on Incredible S, there was no update for rooting s-on device. if htc do not offer us anything. i guess we won’t see permanent rooting s-on device any time soon

Julian Pinget

awesome! no longer will it take 15 hours, 10 gold cards and too many expletives to count to be able to get an htc rooted/cyanogen mod rom installed


Piers McCarney

I remember going through much less hassle than that to get Cyanogenmod installed on my HTC Dream, then still feeling like it was barely worth the effort.
I honestly don’t get what all the fuss is about Cyanogen. Is that just cause I was running it on the oldest Android hardware? It seemed barely any better than stock.


Really? Have you used it on anything other than the g1? Nearly all custom roms out there are based on cm or have some part of cm in them. I have found cm7 to be faster than stock on all phones I own/know of. Not only speed but the options it adds are awesome and once used you just cannot go without them.

Sean Tam

yeah i used one-click root for my dream (that im still on atm)
but without CM, i probably would have tossed the phone ages ago, changing from stock 1.5 to CM donut was like night and day, and subsequent releases only helped the speed. The phone is probably on its last legs atm (memory dump issues) but its served me well, particulary well under CM.
Now waiting to see what telstra offers for SGS2 and Sensation…

Julian Pinget

Yeah, I run a PoS gt540 and an HTC legend both on cm7 and they are infinitely better now than with their stock roms, not to mention neither would be on gingerbread without it.
The fact that you can OC straight from the inbuilt menu is mind blowing!